How to observe the quality of LED electronic screen


How to observe the quality of LED electronic screens. LED electronic screens are adopted by customers with excellent performance. Many friends do not know which aspects to analyze when purchasing LED electronic displays for the first time. Electronic screen manufacturers, take everyone to easily understand how to choose high-quality LED electronic screen products. LED electronic screens are rich in colors and can present a more delicate picture texture, so it is widely used in the advertising market. With the rapid development of the market, more and more friends are buying LED electronic displays. Friends who buy LED electronic displays will inevitably encounter some problems when choosing LED electronic displays.

Today, the relevant staff of the LED electronic screen manufacturer will come to popularize the methods of checking the quality of the LED electronic screen: 1. Check whether there is any mosaic color. The color of the LED electronic screen is composed of multiple color pixels. A constant light or a small black square indicates that the module in this part is dead, which is caused by the poor quality of the connectors of the electronic screen and are easily damaged. Before buying a professional color LED electronic display, if you want to check its quality, you can observe whether there are mosaic points on the screen plane. 2. Look at the measurement and viewing angle. Since color LED electronic screens are usually used outdoors, if they are irradiated by strong light, the picture may not be clear. The brightness is determined by the LED die. High-quality color LED electronic screens usually The brightness is higher and the viewing angle is wider, so the brightness and viewing angle are also a major factor in understanding the quality of color LED electronic screens; 3. Look at the flatness of the surface. How about the quality? If the flatness of the screen is low, there will be local bulges or depressions, resulting in dead angles in the viewing angle of the picture, which will affect the look and feel. The flatness of the screen largely determines the quality of the color LED electronic screen.

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