How to position the LED screen market pattern


With the emergence of the Internet of Everything, display will become an important engine for the development of digital life. The innovation of LED screen technology will bring more abnormal changes to information display and promote the innovation and transformation of smart terminals. At present, the global new display industry has entered a critical period, and China's position in the new display industry pattern has become increasingly prominent.

Display technologies such as Micro LED/Mini LED and flexible AMOLED are becoming mainstream technologies. With the maturity of these new display technologies, more options are provided for the application of LED display terminals. At the same time, we have noticed that the application fields of smart LED displays are becoming more and more extensive, and the potential safety hazards are also increasing.

Issues such as the safety and stability of LED display screens have also become headaches for manufacturers. In addition, smart LED displays not only have competitive advantages in terms of simplified and efficient operation or comprehensive functions, but also have more economical, energy-saving power consumption, better image quality, and other technical performance advantages. For LED display manufacturers, to solve these problems, manufacturers need to promote innovation, achieve commercialization goals, play the role of mid-end manufacturers in the industrial chain, and create a win-win era of LED innovation.

Especially with the acceleration of industrial transformation and upgrading, in terms of products, the current market share of high-end products continues to increase, and high value-added LED display products will be more competitive. As far as customers are concerned, they can meet or even highly meet customer product performance and reliability standards, and manufacturers with stable supply capabilities and quality management will have an advantage; in terms of price, with the development of new technologies such as Micro/Mini LED and COB Quantitative development, it can promote cost optimization on a large scale, and the cost advantage will become the "killer" of many screen companies in the market competition. Stick to smart display, and the large led screen will become smart in the future! .

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