How to reasonably adjust the brightness of the small-pitch LED display?


Because human eyes are relatively relative to brightness perception, so the brightness perception of people's eyes will be different when using screens with different lighting technologies. Through professional equipment testing, we all think that the brightness range of the LED display is controlled at 100cd/㎡-300cd/㎡, so in this brightness range, the human eyes feel more comfortable. So can we solve this problem by directly adjusting the brightness of the display screen? The answer is not so simple.

Because, the basic LED display has the characteristics of low light and low gray, that is to say, the decrease of the brightness of the display will also be accompanied by the loss of the gray scale of the interface. If the small-pitch LED display screen with a nominal brightness of more than 1200cd/㎡ is directly used in everyone's indoor space, there are only two consequences: either the high brightness damages the user's eyes, or the brightness is reduced and gray is lost. Gain and loss of picture quality, neither of which are what customers want. To solve this problem, we need our display manufacturers to upgrade the current small-pitch display products and develop "low brightness and high gray" small-pitch LED displays.

The so-called low brightness and high gray, its actual expression is: if the brightness range of the small-pitch LED display is in the range of 100cd/㎡-300cd/㎡, the grayscale of the display screen will not be lost, or the degree of grayscale loss In the category of visual effects that cannot be detected by the human eye. Therefore, low brightness and high gray is a threshold that LED display manufacturers must overcome when they come to indoor display applications. Low brightness and high gray will also be one of the primary conditions to distinguish the quality of small-pitch LED display products.

With the rapid development of LED display screens in the field, small-pitch LED display screens have long been developing towards intelligent systems, thin, light, and digital, and with their technical perfection, they are easy to assemble and have excellent performance. Advanced small-pitch LED displays are widely used in the sales market. .

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