How to set up the LED display


? There are many types of LED displays, and the setting methods for different functions are different. According to the display information, it is divided into text screen and color picture and video display screen. According to the color, the LED display screen has single color, dual primary color and full color. At the same time, according to the control mode, the LED display screen has a synchronous control system and an offline controller. How to set the LED display depends on the brand and function of the controller used. The most commonly used LED display controllers on the market are monochrome controllers and color synchronous control systems. The setting methods are very different.

First of all, we will introduce the setting method of monochrome LED display. Before setting, you need to understand the specifications of the LED module, the arrangement of width and height, and the pixels of width and height. After knowing these information, you can use the LED display control software Find the "Settings" column in it, go in and select "Screen Parameter Settings", in the setting interface, you must correctly fill in the LED display scan mode, control card model, width and height pixels, OE polarity, if filled correctly, the LED The display is set successfully. ? ? The setting steps of full-color LED display are much more complicated. It is divided into four steps. After the sending card and receiving card are installed, you need to start the setting when the power is turned on. First, you need to set the graphics card of the computer. In the copy mode, the second step is to set the parameters of the sending card. The parameters of the sending card mainly set the total width and height of the LED display screen, the resolution of the height and the loading range of the sending card. If more than two sending cards are required for splicing, you must Fill in the data values ​​for the correct row start and column start. The third step is to set the parameters of a single receiving card. The main settings include scanning mode, driver chip model, gray level, refresh rate, etc. In addition, the module loading file provided by the LED display manufacturer needs to be loaded. After it is correct, the last step is to set the connection parameters according to the number of LED modules on the receiving card and the direction of the receiving card’s wiring. After the setting is successful, save it.


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