How to use LED electronic screen


How to use the LED electronic screen is a question that many potential users are more concerned about. There are many types of LED electronic screens, such as those that display text or color video, etc. The LED electronic screen that displays text is relatively simple to operate, while the one that displays color video LED electronic screens are a little more complicated. After the installation and debugging of the monochrome LED electronic screen, it can be used normally. When publishing text information, you only need to open the corresponding control software of the LED electronic screen, create a program, add a single line of text in the program tree structure, and then Enter the text information to be played in the text box, and select all to modify the font, size and other information of the text. In the functional area, you can set the playback mode of the program, such as continuous left shift, up and down split, left shift, fade in and fade out, etc. , and the dwell time, after modifying all the factors, just click send. The full-color LED electronic screen software is much more powerful. After installing the latest software of the same version and debugging by professional LED electronic screen technicians, the content that needs to be played can be released normally.

The full-color LED electronic screen software can be played in any partition. For example, text information, pictures, videos and other programs can be displayed on the LED electronic screen at the same time. The method of partitioning is to align the coordinates of the pixels of the entire screen. For example, if the text information is placed at the top of the playback window, then the X and Y starting point coordinates are both 0. The picture is placed under the text, that is, the X starting point coordinate is 0, and the Y starting point coordinate should leave the pixels of the text above. For example, if the height of the text window is 36 pixels, then the Y coordinate of the picture should be calculated from 37.

The video is placed below the text and on the right side of the picture, that is, the X starting point coordinates of the video window should be vacated by the pixels of the picture, and the Y starting point coordinates should be vacated by the pixels of the text window. After setting, you can add the content to be played in the corresponding LED electronic screen program interface, preview it and send or play it if there is no problem. .

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