How to wire the LED display?


Regarding how to wire the LED display, I think many people may not know much about it, especially those non-professionals. Many people may know that wiring is a way related to whether the LED display can be used normally, and it is also an important link in the safety of the display, so how to wire the LED display? The editor of United Huiye will tell you the steps of wiring the LED display: 1. Connect the control and the unit board with a well-made cable connection and cannot be reversed. Pay attention to the input and output of the unit board interface, and connect the control card to the input. , the output is connected to the input of the next cell board. 2. Check the power supply voltage to find out the switching power supply with positive and negative connections, connect the power cord to the switching power supply, and then use a multimeter and a DC gear to measure the voltage between V+ and V- to ensure that the voltage is normal. There is also a knob next to it, which can Use a Phillips screwdriver or a flat-blade screwdriver to adjust the voltage.

In order to reduce the heat generation of the display screen and better prolong the life, the voltage can be properly lowered in occasions where the brightness requirement is not high. Make sure there is no problem with the voltage before disconnecting the power supply. 3. To connect the power supply, first turn off the power supply, connect V+ to the red line, V- to the black line, respectively to the control card and the LED unit board, and the black line to the GND of the control card and the power supply.

The red wire connects +5V of the control card and VCC of the unit board. 1 power cable per unit board. Check that the connections are correct when done.

4. Connect the network cable Connect the completed network cable to the network card port of the computer or the network port of the sending card, connect the other end to the control card and connect the remaining control cards in the form of A-B, A-B. Then the T568B standard is generally used when making straight-through cables. The sequence number of the RJ45 crystal header pins should be observed in the following way: put the front of the RJ45 plug (the side with the copper pins) facing you, the end with the copper pins facing upwards, the end of the connecting cable facing downwards, and connect the 8 copper pins from left to right. The pins are numbered 1~8:5 in sequence, and the last is detection. When the downloaded software is opened, the power supply and the control card are flashing and the screen is displayed.

If not, please check the connection. Or view the parameters of the error checking and setting screen, send subtitles, etc.... For details, refer to the software instruction manual. If you are still not clear about how to wire the LED display, you can directly contact Lianhuiye, and professional LED display assemblers will come to you to solve this problem for you.


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