Impact of US policy on China's LED screen market


"The Impact of U.S. Policies on China's LED Screen Market" The area of ​​LED screens that China exports to the United States each year exceeds 560,000 square meters, accounting for more than 76% of the LED screens used in the United States. Trump's coming to power has a great impact on the global economic structure Policy adjustment, so what impact will it have on China's LED screen manufacturers. Political and economic influences are crucial to the development of a country. From the perspective of China's manufacturing industry alone, products made in China have penetrated into every corner of the world. After more than ten years of development, China's LED screen industry has gradually exploded into a more stable market. and emerging small field business opportunities. China's LED screen industry is also one of the industries currently supported by the government. Every year, there will be huge government subsidies and the promulgation of favorable policies for the LED screen industry. China is "bullyed" by Trump. This is obviously Trump has not yet recognized situation.

In recent days, many of Trump's remarks have pointed to China, falsely claiming that China "manipulates the exchange rate" and "steals American jobs" and so on. It seems that he wants to confront China. In fact, when Trump and Hillary Clinton were competing in the US presidential election, some media predicted that if Trump came to power, Sino-US relations and multiple international issues of Sino-US trade would be greatly changed. Now, Trump Not long after Trump took office, he made remarks, even blatantly. According to statistics, from the perspective of the regional layout of the domestic LED screen industry development, the current Chinese LED screen industry has formed five major regions: the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta, the Bohai Rim, the Fujian and Jiangxi regions, and the central and western regions. More than 85% of the LED screen companies are distributed. in these five regions.

Moreover, China's power is becoming more and more important in the global LED screen industry structure. It can be seen that the original situation where the United States, Japan, and Europe are leading, and South Korea and China are catching up is being rewritten. After seeing that many official media outlets in the United States are teaming up with China, netizens also expressed a wry smile. Today, although the status of the United States as a powerful country in the world cannot be shaken in the short term, as an economic power, China's international status should not be underestimated. The outbreak of "trade wars" and "political conflicts" will have huge negative effects on the US and even the international economy. Therefore, the US media criticized Trump's remarks.

Trump's actions are not popular among the people, and even the local American media have ridiculed him. The US media said: "It is not so easy for Trump to bully China." "It is necessary to think twice before acting against China.

""All signs prove that China is the real opponent of the Trump administration, but the reality is that China is still safe and sound." At the same time, my country's LED screen core technology is also making breakthroughs. With the development of my country's LED screen industry , especially in recent years, with the strong promotion of my country's technological innovation, the gap between the key technology of my country's LED screen industry and the international level has been further narrowed, and it has become the largest production, export and application country of LED screens in the world.

Therefore, if Trump wants to "bully", China's LED screen industry is also dissatisfied! LED screen is a high-tech product integrating optoelectronic technology, microelectronic technology, computer technology and video technology. Its light-emitting part is composed of LED screen ( It is composed of light-emitting diodes), which have the advantages of low power consumption, high brightness, low working voltage, simple driving, long life and stable performance. The screen area can be arbitrarily assembled by unit modules according to the needs, and the response speed is fast. The LED screen is a flat screen composed of light-emitting diode dot matrix modules or pixel units.

It has the advantages of high luminous efficiency, long service life, flexible configuration, rich colors and adaptability to indoor and outdoor environments. LED screens are generally divided into four types according to their colors: one is monochrome LED screen, the other is dual primary color LED screen, the third is three primary color LED screen, and the fourth is full color. There are many three primary colors on the market. As a low power consumption, LED screen is a good tool for large-scale real-time dynamic display of information. It can display dynamic graphic images generated by computers. LED screens can be divided into three types from the installation environment, indoor, outdoor and semi-outdoor LED screens. The light of each installation environment is different, so you must not install it wrong, otherwise it will be either too bright or too dark.


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