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It is not an exaggeration to say that small-pitch and transparent screens are the focus of the full-color LED large-screen industry this year in "In-Line Full-Color LED Large Screen Backlight". These two subdivisions that have just developed have been subject to suspicion in the past few years. It was not until this year's market fire that people had to admire those industry pioneers who had the foresight. So what is the most in-demand product this year? Conventional in-line full-color LED large screens. Yes! You read that right, it is an outdoor conventional in-line full-color LED large screen. This can't help but make people wonder, since it is a conventional display screen, how can it be the most in demand? Let me listen to the editor slowly. Looking back on 2016, many people were pleasantly surprised or stunned when they calculated the gains and losses throughout the year. Some people were secretly happy because they bet on the outlets of small-pitch LEDs and transparent screens. And feel astonished. Although small-pitch and transparent screens are popular in the market this year, they are not the products with the most demand in the market, because as long as there are orders, let me tell you slowly. With technology upgrades, SMD LEDs are gradually replacing in-line LEDs. For a long time, in-line LEDs have occupied an unshakable position in outdoor full-color LED large screens, and their application history has exceeded 20 years. From the initial single and double base color to the current full-color full-color LED large screen, the in-line full-color LED large screen has made great contributions to the popularization and development of the entire full-color LED large screen industry. However, things are always changing and moving forward. With the continuous advancement of technology in the industry, the development of SMD LED technology is becoming more and more mature, and the various advantages of SMD LED display industry applications are also widely accepted by practitioners. Due to the meager profits and the fact that many display companies have turned to the SMD full-color LED large screen field, most of the LED lamp bead packaging manufacturers have begun to stop the in-line LED lamp bead production line. At present, only a small number of packaging manufacturers in the market are still Engaged in the packaging of in-line LED lamp beads. After being widely used in the field of indoor full-color LED large screens, with the improvement of the brightness of SMD LEDs and the improvement of anti-ultraviolet, waterproof and moisture-proof levels, SMD LEDs have developed from the indoor field to the outdoor field on a large scale. Its momentum was unstoppable, and it became the recognized mainstream of the industry in just two years. Conventional in-line full-color LED large screens have been trapped in the price war due to homogeneity in the past few years and cannot extricate themselves. The life of the outdoor direct plug full-color LED large screen. Surface-mounting of outdoor LEDs is the general trend. In the eyes of many people, in-line LEDs will go into history. The market for direct-plug full-color LED large screens is still there, but what is surprising is that although many manufacturers are actively turning to the field of SMD LEDs, the market demand for direct-plug full-color LED large screens has never been. None have been broken. Not only domestically, but also large-scale international emerging markets that have not yet been developed. The reason is mainly that the price war in the field of conventional LED screens in the industry in the past few years was too fierce, so that if many manufacturers continue to be unprofitable in the field of conventional LED direct-insert screens, it will eventually endanger the survival of enterprises. As well as the judgment of the future industrial development trend, we resolutely quit the field of conventional in-line full-color LED large screens. Moreover, in some fields, in-line full-color LED large screens are not useless. The existence of so many years is reasonable, and it is not without its own advantages. First of all, the price advantage is extremely obvious, which is also the main reason why in-line full-color LED large screens will not withdraw from the market in the short term. In addition, most domestic display companies are developing high-end markets such as Europe and the United States, which have higher requirements for product quality and are relatively more affordable than prices. This also gives greater profit margins and motivation to companies that are transforming into full-color LED large screens. However, the direct-plug full-color LED large-screen market is a market that has been developed for more than 20 years. Over the years, it has cultivated a large number of market fans. In the market, price is always the key to the success or failure of competition. After going through multiple rounds of price wars, the direct-plug full-color LED large screen has very narrow profit margins, so many companies have given up this field. On the other hand, it also shows that the price has bottomed out. For end customers, after squeezing out a lot of water in the middle, the purchased products will be worth more than the money, which is definitely a cheap thing. In view of this, in 2016, some manufacturers of full-color LED large screens reinvested in the field of in-line conventional screens, and some packaging manufacturers were keenly aware of this trend and restarted the production of in-line LED lamp beads. Although the profit of direct-plug full-color LED large screen is relatively meager, the market demand is still strong. As long as there is a demand, there is room for enterprise development. Perhaps the enterprise can still achieve considerable development without standing in the wind. These countries have a higher degree of acceptance of conventional in-line full-color LED large screens. Similarly, in emerging markets such as Asia, Africa and Latin America, there is a strong demand for in-line LED conventional displays. Secondly, under the national strategy of the Belt and Road Initiative, countries along the Belt and Road are very sensitive to price factors, although they have demand for products such as display screens due to their poor national development foundation. The development of production capacity cooperation with these countries is also more in line with my country's national strategy of reducing production capacity and destocking. Domestic manufacturers who are still engaged in conventional in-line full-color LED large screens often cannot meet the supply needs of foreign emerging market customers, and often have to wait for one or two months to get the goods. This was unimaginable in previous years. .

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