Innovative application of LED advertising screen technology


The innovative application of LED advertising screen technology, LED advertising screen can be said to be the most used among all LED displays, and can be roughly divided into large-scale performance stage background LED screens, video conferencing multimedia LED screens, stadium live broadcast LED screens, outdoor and indoor LED advertising screens, Today's advertising is very important to all business owners, so LED advertising screens are developing rapidly. The transparent LED advertising screen has been highly respected in the industry in the past two years, and some people even predict that it will occupy an important position in the future LED advertising screen market. However, in fact, the transparent LED advertising screen is only a product obtained by micro-innovation on the basis of the grid LED advertising screen, but as the "mother of transparent screen", the grid LED advertising screen shines brilliantly in the transparent screen. Today, it seems to be in an embarrassing situation. Although manufacturers and enterprises have not given up on the innovation of such products, their market application is far less than what the industry predicted a few years ago.

Due to the installation on the exterior wall of the building, the weight of the LED display has become the primary consideration. The box-type structure and load-bearing steel frame of the traditional LED display greatly increase the load-bearing capacity of the wall, while the grille LED advertising screen does not need steel frame for auxiliary installation, and its weight is only 40% of the box-type, and the hollow structure also reduces the weight. It reduces the wind load and reduces the safety hazards brought by strong winds to the display screens located at high places. It is very suitable for the application of large-area outdoor projects. The advantages of outdoor are outstanding, and it is highly praised once it is launched. With the development of urbanization and commercial economy, the scale of outdoor advertising market is getting bigger and bigger. As the carrier of outdoor dynamic advertising, LED display is becoming more and more popular in the market, but The traditional box-type LED display has brought a lot of troubles to manufacturers and customers due to its own defects, and the launch of the hollow-out grille LED advertising screen has almost perfectly solved these problems that plague people.

In addition, because of the ventilation and light transmission characteristics of the grille LED advertising screen, the impact on the building is reduced, and the appearance is more suitable for the building, with less power consumption and stronger environmental performance. The superiority of the grille LED advertising screen has become the market darling in outdoor applications, especially in landmark buildings. According to statistics, 60% of the failure cases of LED display screens are caused by insufficient heat dissipation, and the louver-like structure of the grille LED advertising screen improves heat dissipation performance and reduces the probability of failure. Moreover, unlike the box-type display screen that needs to be disassembled from the back, and often “touches the whole body” maintenance method, the light bar screen can directly disassemble the faulty light bar on the front of the grille LED advertising screen, and there is no need to build maintenance channels , maintenance is more convenient.

In the early years, the ultra-large LED display projects such as Hong Kong Victoria Harbor with an area of ​​1,150 square meters, Chengdu Global Center Ocean Park with an area of ​​4,086 square meters, and Xi’an Big Wild Goose Pagoda with a sky screen of 3,000 square meters, etc., all of them were light bar screens. It can be seen that the grille LED advertising screen It is a veritable "overlord" in the application of landmark buildings, and it is in the limelight in the industry for a while. Relevant data show that the total amount of outdoor advertising in China has reached 61.5 billion yuan, and the global outdoor advertising market is expected to reach 50.7 billion US dollars in 2020. As a new application of outdoor advertising media, LED displays have a huge market prospect. However, the grid LED advertising screen failed to take advantage of its strong product advantages to grab much outdoor market share from the traditional box-type LED display screen. In the current application market, grille LED advertising screens have not made much progress.

The market development is not good, and the transparent screen is closely following. Although the grille LED advertising screen showed its edge in the landmark building in the early years, its outdoor application market has not been further developed in the past one or two years, and the merchants have made little progress in product innovation. , and manufacturers of grille LED advertising screens tried to develop into stage rental, but failed to attract the attention of customer groups. At the same time, transparent LED advertising screens have become popular in the past two years with their unique sense of technology and semi-outdoor installation. Now, there is a tendency to carve up the outdoor market of grid LED advertising screens, making the development prospects of grid LED advertising screens more uncertain. In addition, as a non-airtight LED display screen, the light bar screen is difficult to be generally recognized as the traditional box-type display screen in terms of tolerance. As we all know, outdoor display screens are inevitably exposed to wind and sun for a long time, and tolerance has become a very important requirement for this type of product, and the open structure makes it difficult for the light bar screen to be as waterproof and dustproof as The box-type LED display is as convincing as it is, which undoubtedly limits the wide application of grille LED advertising screens.

In fact, the general outdoor advertising screen area demand is not as huge as that of landmark buildings, and the outdoor advertising market demand for super large grid LED advertising screens accounts for a relatively small proportion of the entire outdoor advertising screen. At the same time, traditional LED outdoor advertising screens The installation difficulty and customer demand of the advertising screen are also low, and the general outdoor advertising LED advertising screen can meet the requirements, which makes the advantages of the grille LED advertising screen no longer particularly prominent. If the field of outdoor small-pitch applications is difficult to pose a threat to grille LED advertising screens, then the emergence of transparent LED advertising screens will undoubtedly carve up the market for grille LED advertising screens. Transparent LED advertising screen has become one of the most eye-catching display products in the past two years due to its transparent and beautiful characteristics. Its 70%-95% transparency greatly reduces the impact of LED display on the appearance of buildings. In addition, the semi-outdoor display installed close to the inside of the glass curtain wall has avoided the approval of outdoor advertising. Even in the United States, where advertising monitoring is very strict, it has been welcomed by the government and businesses with smiles.

With such outstanding advantages, the transparent LED advertising screen instantly surpasses the light bar screen and becomes the first choice for glass building LED display projects. Even in the current market share of outdoor display screens, grille LED advertising screens have failed to gain a clear advantage, and its current outdoor advantages are still difficult to be replaced by other products. However, if you want to gain a larger market share, companies and manufacturers need to make greater efforts to improve product performance, conduct market education, and make products gain wider market recognition, so as to win in the fierce competition in the outdoor display market. status.

For grid LED advertising screens that sacrifice dot pitch to obtain hollow features, clarity is obviously an insurmountable congenital deficiency, which means that outdoor close-range applications are destined to be difficult for grid LED advertising screens. With the development of urbanization and commercialization, the market demand for outdoor short-distance display has also begun to increase, and the dot pitch of the box-type LED screen has achieved technological innovation with a dot pitch of less than 2mm, which can meet the needs of close-distance viewing and is very It is suitable for applications in the field of outdoor short-distance display. .

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