Inventory of the ups and downs of the LED electronic screen this year


Taking stock of the ups and downs of the LED electronic screen this year, this year can be said to be the most wonderful year in the LED electronic screen industry. Many new technologies have come out, such as transparent screens, COB technology, and micro-pitch LED electronic screens. Since the advent of screens, there has never been a sharp increase in the price of core raw materials, and this year has caused downstream LED electronic screen manufacturers to suffer. Although there are unfavorable factors, there is still good news for the LED electronic screen industry. From a national level, after several international summits, everyone can see When it comes to market demand potential, the demand for LED electronic screens is still very large from the perspective of exhibitions in various regions. Looking back on this long and short year, the gorgeous stage design of the New Year's Eve concerts of various satellite TVs is vividly remembered. The shocking scene of the fire seems to be yesterday... In 2017, the LED electronic screen industry moved forward in twists and turns, and the mood of the LED electronic screen people also followed the ups and downs like a roller coaster. In 2017, what impressed you the most? 1. There are various kinds of exhibitions: the rise of overseas exhibitions and the increase of exhibition types. As Chinese brands begin to go global and the domestic market becomes saturated, LED electronic screen manufacturers also begin to deploy overseas. market, in order to open up the market and increase profits, so the attraction of overseas exhibitions to domestic enterprises has gradually increased.

There are exhibitions related to LED electronic screens every year, but they are different every year. This year's two domestic exhibitions, Guangzhou International LED Exhibition and Shanghai International LED Exhibition are still bustling, but more industry insiders pay attention to the fact that almost half of the industry companies have gone to the US infocomm exhibition. Such a situation may also reveal that domestic manufacturers are paying more and more attention to overseas markets.

In addition to the traditional LED exhibitions, there are also manufacturers participating in other markets that are popular for LED electronic displays, such as the Lighting and Audio Exhibition and the Expo, showing a trend of focusing on subdividing product-related exhibitions. 2. Worries about the price of LED electronic screens: Under the fierce competition of upstream price increases and downstream price reductions, large downstream LED electronic screen manufacturers do not rise but fall, making it more difficult for small and medium-sized LED electronic screen companies to prepare for production—for fear that price increases will cause Customers are lost, and it is difficult to make a profit without raising prices and maintain operations. However, this situation did not last for too long. The continuous rise in raw material prices finally made the market accept the fact that the price of LED electronic screens must increase. dusty.

Since the end of 2016, there has been a wave of price increases for raw materials such as PCB boards in the upstream of the LED electronic screen industry, and it has spread until 2017, further shrinking the profit margin of conventional LED electronic screens, which were originally profitable. 3. Favorable policies continue: the Belt and Road Initiative, Smart City, and the 13th Five-Year Plan In 2017, for the LED electronic screen industry, the most popular words must be inseparable from the "Belt and Road Initiative", Smart City, and the "13th Five-Year Plan". The proposal of "One Belt, One Road" is just the right time for LED electronic screen companies that want to go abroad, especially when most of the countries along the route are developing countries, and the markets in developed countries are dominated by big brands and large companies. Under the circumstances, developing countries have a vast market to be developed, attracting many LED electronic screen companies to actively join the "Nuggets"; while the help of smart cities to the LED electronic large screen industry is more reflected in the security dispatching of small and medium-sized indoor The high-definition large-screen market has a strong demand for small spacing; the "13th Five-Year Plan" clearly puts forward the development plan for the LED industry, indicating that the country and the government attach importance to the industry, and corresponding preferential policies are also coming in droves.

4. New technologies are emerging one after another: "Chinese screens" realize corner overtaking. In the past, when we mentioned China's LED electronic screen industry, we often lamented the industry's lack of innovation capabilities. Even though it is the largest in the world, it still does not have many technological advantages. However, in 2017, as domestic LED electronic screen manufacturers vigorously developed small-pitch LED products, China began to occupy an advantage in the high-end market, and the emergence of new technologies made LED electronic screen people extremely proud! For example: new COB technology, no control card display scheme, small-pitch LED electronic large screen touch screen, cabinet upgrade... The realization of these technical achievements not only reflects that the domestic LED electronic display industry has begun to attach importance to technology and innovation, but also condenses the LED electronic display industry. The wisdom and sweat of the screen people, the strength has witnessed the catching up of "Chinese screen" at the technical level! 5. The potential of the market segment is beginning to show: the small pitch is the most popular! In 2017, it can be said that the LED electronic display segment products broke out first year. Whether it is the emerging LED transparent screen, small-pitch LED electronic large screen, LED floor tile screen, or the long-established LED stage screen, LED special-shaped screen, LED light bar screen, etc., its market is very active, and it is widely accepted in the industry. focus on.

This situation also makes many manufacturers focus on the research and production of a certain type of subdivided products, which not only avoids the market red sea competition of conventional LED electronic screen products, but also increases the added value of products and expands brand awareness, killing two birds with one stone. In 2017, the LED electronic screen industry swept away the past sluggish development and once again glowed with vitality; also in this year, many LED electronic large screen companies successfully transformed, found a suitable development path, and opened a new chapter of development. .

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