Is the working principle of the full-color LED large screen complicated?


The full-color LED large screen is a complex of many devices. It is not only a simple display screen, but also has an integration of electronic control units, mechanics, structure, computer integration, and power distribution systems. The working principle of the full-color LED large screen is actually very simple. The signal is provided by the computer, and the signal from the sending card is provided to the network cable or optical fiber through the video processor to the receiving card of each unit of the full-color LED large screen, and then through the integration of the receiving card. Images are played back in sequence. With the gradual popularization of full-color LED large screens, what are the common features of graphic full-color LED large screens, and how is the internal structure installed? I think everyone is very interested in these.

Knowing the structure of common full-color LED large screens with graphics and text can not only help you choose products better, but also actively promote the use and maintenance of them. 1. How do the graphic screens work Then how do these graphic screens emit light? In the internal control system, the intelligent display unit is part of the local full-color LED large screen, which can control the brightness and contrast of the entire unit board. Among them, the subtitles are realized in the computer control terminal. Through power control, the compiled subtitles and graphic information are reorganized, so as to realize the synchronous transmission of information and subtitles.

2. The composition of the full-color LED large screen First, the graphic full-color LED large screen is composed of a full-color LED large screen body, a computer, a controller, a dot matrix display unit and a power supply system. In terms of screen structure, it is spliced ​​by 8×8 single-color or two-color display units. The luminous brightness of internal components is more balanced, and the range of product use is also wider.

These superior features are enough to become one of the most distinctive and developed display products. 3. Other control units In addition, in use, the graphic and text full-color LED large screen will also involve product stability control system, peripheral waterproof coating, heat dissipation control fan, etc. These are also the prerequisites to ensure the stable use of the full-color LED large screen , can be beneficial to the stable work of the LED large screen, and at the same time, in case of various bad weather, it can ensure that the graphic full-color LED large screen is not disturbed by the outside world. For friends who are interested in purchasing, when choosing a full-color LED display with graphics and text, you should also pay attention to product parameter configuration and which fields are suitable for use. For the needs of the environment, full-color LED screens with graphics and text still have certain requirements, such as banks, Shopping malls and other full-color screens used for product corporate image promotion can use low-cost φ3.75mm dual-color electronic screens.

If good display effect is required, P3mm full-color display can be used. .

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