Key factors for judging the quality of LED electronic screens


LED screen is currently one of the most widely used display devices in the display field. Whether it is commercial or home use, it is deeply impressed by bright colors, energy saving, and long life. There are many LED display manufacturers in Shenzhen, and the positioning and materials of each manufacturer are also different. Different, how to choose high-quality LED electronic screen products requires in-depth analysis from the following points: LED screen color ratio: LED electronic large screens are composed of three primary colors, red, green, and blue. The ideal pure color, the proportion of RGB is 3:5.9:1.1, so a slight deviation in the ratio of the three primary colors of the screen produced by the LED screen manufacturer will lead to a deviation in the white balance, which will lead to the display quality of the LED electronic screen. It is affected, so it is also very important to look at its white balance when purchasing. The brightness of the LED screen: The brightness of the LED electronic screen used indoors is greater than 350CD, which can meet the requirements of use. The environment where the LED screen is installed is relatively special, so LED display manufacturers usually set the brightness to above 600CD to meet the needs of different environments. The brightness of outdoor electronic large screens is very important, because the direct sunlight is very strong, so in the initial stage of making LED electronic large screens, it will be designed according to the most stringent standards to meet the scene of summer sun exposure, usually outdoors The brightness of the LED electronic screen should be greater than 4000CD, and the relatively high-end LED screen manufacturers in the industry will design the brightness to be around 6000CD, which is convenient for adapting to different environments. The brightness of road LED electronic large screens is usually greater than 10,000CD. Road screens are industrial system solutions, and the requirements for stability and visibility are much higher than those of civilian LED screen materials.

Flatness of LED screen: In order to ensure that the display effect will not have a strong sense of unevenness, the surface flatness of the LED electronic large screen must be kept within ±1mm. If this requirement is not met, and local unevenness will occur. This leads to the problem that the LED electronic screen has a dead angle in the viewing angle when playing video. Therefore, it can be said that flatness is a major factor in judging high-quality LED screens. The above three aspects are a few points that you can refer to when purchasing LED electronic large screens.

Everyone hopes to have a good playback effect when buying an LED electronic screen, so it is necessary to choose from several aspects such as the flatness, brightness, and white balance of the display screen, so as to ensure that the LED screen you buy is of high quality. .

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