LED display brightness is related to those factors


The brightness of the LED display is related to those factors. The brightness of the indoor LED display is greater than 800CD, which can meet the requirements. The outdoor environment is more complicated, especially when the LED display seat is installed facing east and west. In summer, the afternoon sun is directly exposed, and the brightness needs to be greater than 5500CD. It can meet the requirements, so when purchasing an LED display, it should be analyzed according to the comprehensive factors of the site environment to see if it is necessary to achieve such a high brightness. The brightness of the LED display is controlled according to the size and current of the light-emitting chip. In today's increasingly competitive environment, in order to cater to the price advantage of the LED display, LED lamp bead packaging manufacturers cut the light-emitting chip into smaller and smaller pieces, just like a watermelon that can normally be cut into 6 pieces. If you want to cut 10 parts, each part should be cut very small. The problem caused by the small LED chip is that it can only be driven by a small current. If the current increases, it will cause breakdown of the LED display lamp beads. It is possible that some LED screen manufacturers adjust the power supply current to the limit in order to improve the brightness of the display screen. This is very risky and will cause the brightness of the LED display screen to decay rapidly. According to the industry standard and the current range given by the packaging manufacturer, the LED display screen The normal service life can reach no less than 80,000 hours. If the current increases, the service life will be seriously affected. Some customers think that the higher the brightness of the LED display, the better. In fact, it is a big misunderstanding. It should be selected according to the actual environment and the illuminance of the outside world. Just like an indoor LED display installed in a room without any light, the brightness greater than 300CD is more than enough. , For example, an outdoor LED display is facing north and south, and the sun can’t shine at all on the 2nd-4th floor of the outer wall of a building in the urban area. The brightness of the LED display is greater than 2000CD, which is completely satisfactory.

Therefore, the installation of LED display is not that the higher the brightness, the better, nor the smaller the chip, the better. .

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