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The application of the led display company's front desk, the company's front desk is the image of the entire company, LED display as a new carrier for publicity, with brilliant colors and tall visual effects, combined with the company's front desk decoration style can be well integrated into the brand image promotion, as Shenzhen United Huiye Technology is an experienced LED display manufacturer, we can provide you with perfect LED display solutions. Recently, many customers are inquiring about the installation method and control method of LED display. We have more than ten years of experience in LED display installation and can provide you with a perfect solution. Our latest LED display frame structure is seamlessly spliced, which looks It is very high-grade, and the LED display screen with a slightly larger area can adopt the splicing structure of cold-rolled board cabinets. The most important thing is that it can be integrated with the on-site environment and easy to maintain later, which is the most ideal state. The control methods of LED display are roughly divided into two types. The first is offline control, that is, it is necessary to add a high-definition video playback box, and copy the content to be played into the U disk through computer software or directly transmit the data to the playback box through a network cable. , LED display high-definition play box can play offline loop, the second is to play in real time with the computer, the advantage is low investment cost, easy to operate, the disadvantage is that the LED display needs to be turned on in real time when working, which is equivalent to computer copying Another display in the state needs to be controlled by the computer in real time.

We have done a lot of LED display screens to be placed in the front desk or conference room, etc. Usually, the installation method is wall-mounted, and the control method is offline playback. We can customize LED display products that meet customer requirements according to customer requirements. .

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