LED display manufacturers must establish a high-end development concept


LED display manufacturers must establish a high-end development concept. LED display has become a must-apply product in certain industries, such as hotels, banquet halls, stages, squares, stations, door LED advertising screens, etc. It can be seen how hot the LED display is. Although the sales volume is huge, the profits are really low. Some LED display manufacturers have been in a stagnant state of development, and the profits they earn can only cover their usual expenses. Lianhuiye believes that LED screen manufacturers should not rely on price wars as the rule of survival, but must innovate their products . Made in China has always been considered low-end production and processing. To win in large-scale manufacturing, you can only sell at low prices at the expense of profits; if you want to occupy high-end positions, you have to sell at the cost of low sales, so profits are still limited. Establish high-end brands and sell high-end products, with high prices and high sales, of course, higher profits.

This is impossible in the eyes of many Chinese manufacturing entrepreneurs, and Apple has done it. Recently, Apple released its third fiscal quarterly report: iPhone sales were 41.026 million units, and net profit was 8.717 billion US dollars, a year-on-year increase of 12%. Apple's share accounted for 11.4% of global mobile phone shipments in the quarter, ranking only behind Samsung.

At the same time, Apple's net profit was 8.7 billion US dollars, and its profit accounted for 80% of the global mobile phone. So, how can LED display manufacturers learn from Apple's good example? How about realizing double income? This also reminds Chinese LED display manufacturers: there is no conflict between scale and profit, especially when the current consumption upgrade and the terminal market pay more and more attention to product quality, compared with cheap and low-quality products, most Customers are more willing to pay high prices to buy good products that they are satisfied with. Under this trend, LED display manufacturing is gradually transforming and upgrading towards high-end manufacturing and market. In the future, as long as they find the right way, LED display manufacturers can also achieve both large-scale and high profits.

Turning our attention to the current LED display market in China, the outbreak of the small-pitch market has also ushered in many problems such as homogeneity. The transparent screen market has been popular for less than two years, and there has been a trend of price wars in the Red Sea. LED display The hardware innovation of the screen industry has entered a bottleneck period, and the update of software technology has also slowed down. The path of segmented market has also been narrowed by some LED display manufacturers who are keen to imitate other products. Where is the future? The key lies in differentiated and personalized products, creating a brand LED display manufacturer with high-end product value and service value. Among all the directions, the most critical is product innovation, like the iPhone is considered to redefine mobile phone consumption habits.

Since then, the mobile phone is no longer just a communication tool for making calls, but has become a device that integrates entertainment, communication and even office work. Moreover, compared with many brands with dozens of product models at every turn, Apple mobile phones have established such a market with a few models, which shows the global appeal of high-end brands and products. China's LED display industry is advancing steadily under the background of the "Internet +" era.

At the same time, Lianhe Huiye, as a powerful LED manufacturer, will introduce more high-tech and closely integrate with the Internet to complete the transformation and upgrading from traditional manufacturing to high-end intelligent manufacturing. Realize the new trend of enterprise systematic research and development, intelligent manufacturing, large-scale production and brand development. Fortunately, more and more LED display manufacturers have realized that the path of low-end and large-scale manufacturing will definitely become narrower and narrower.

Only by transforming to high-end and exploring the maximization of profits under a certain scale of development can we gain the impetus for long-term development. For example, under the trend of intelligence, many LED display manufacturers have taken advantage of this opportunity to speed up their transformation and invest in the tide of smart LED display products. They have achieved some results one after another, and have begun to experience the market profits brought about by high-end transformation. .

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