LED display old screen transformation comparison


?After years of use of the LED display, the failure rate will gradually increase, such as dead lights, dark lights, inconsistent colors, etc. If there is a major accident, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the LED display, such as water leakage. The module is burned out, the lightning strike voltage is too high, etc. Among them, we encountered a coastal customer who had a serious dead light failure on the LED display screen. After in-depth analysis, some lamp beads of the LED display screen currently in use have been burned out. The reason is that the voltage is unstable or the instantaneous current of lightning is too large. It is the result of our on-site inspection and the evaluation of the status quo. After Party A communicated with the manufacturer who installed the LED display screen at that time, the price for repairing the LED display screen given by Party A was relatively high. Their maintenance fee included door-to-door service fee of 800 yuan/day/person + board and lodging + transportation, and at least 2 people cooperated each time they came (One person is inside the screen, and the other person is looking at the status directly opposite the LED display screen). The cost of coming here every day is about 2,000 yuan, and the cost of materials is also the cost. All faulty LED modules are dismantled and returned to the factory for maintenance. It takes 8-10 days to dismantle the modules, and about 20 days to install them after repairs. In this way, it takes about 60,000 yuan to calculate the labor cost, and the cost of repairing the LED modules They estimate it to be around 100,000 yuan, so the total cost will probably be around 160,000 yuan.

After maintenance, the overall stability of the LED display will decline. At the same time, because the LED display lamp beads are not in the same batch and there are old and new ones, the brightness of the previous lamp beads and the current lamp beads will be different, and the color difference will be more obvious. . After we communicated with Party A, it is recommended to replace an LED display with higher pixels and resolution than the previous one. The replacement cost is slightly higher than the maintenance cost of the currently used LED display. For the long-term maintenance of the old screen, stable display and It will be more cost-effective in terms of display effect. The replacement specifications include outdoor P8 LED display screen. The previous steel structure can continue to be used, and only the LED display screen and some supporting equipment need to be replaced.

We promise that the theoretical lifespan of the high-end LED display produced by Lianhuiye is not less than 100,000 hours, and the average failure rate can reach 50,000 hours, and the LED display manufacturer promises two years of free on-site maintenance (limited to the Pearl River Delta region). After the above-mentioned comparison of old screen repair, maintenance and replacement of new LED display screens, we believe that it will be more cost-effective to replace new screens. The main features are: 1. The cost of repairing LED display screens is relatively high, and the overall performance will decline after repairs , After the maintenance is completed, the materials of the LED lamp beads are different, and the color difference of the LED display is more obvious. 2. The replacement of a new LED display has higher definition, stable performance, and higher customer satisfaction for advertising.

3. Because it is a newly installed LED display, the color will be better, and there is no problem of color difference. 4. LED display manufacturers also provide two-year free on-site maintenance, which reduces our maintenance costs. .

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