LED display should be selected according to the needs of use


LED displays have been applied to all walks of life, especially advertising media and stage backgrounds can be seen everywhere. LED displays in the civilian market such as scrolling subtitles at the door, product promotion screens in clothing or restaurants can also be seen everywhere. What kind of LED display? The screen is a good quality. Today we will talk about the difference between LED displays in my country and the world. At present, the LED display products used in China can be divided into three grades. The world-renowned brands of Barco and Japan's Panasonic can be used as the first echelon. They are usually used in large-scale such as the opening ceremony of world-class sports competitions and the summit of international leaders. The second is the LED display products produced by Nichia lamp beads in Japan and CREE lamp beads in the United States. The application places can be divided into TV stations, high-speed rail stations, airports, docks, outdoor advertisements, etc. The third level is usually used in Taiwan in the civilian field. Chips and LED chips of domestic manufacturers, it can be said bluntly that at present, LED display manufacturers can produce LED display products of different grades. Why are the products of each factory uneven? The reason is that large companies have brand influence and can Using better LED display raw materials, the price of its finished LED display can be accepted by users, while smaller manufacturers with no brand awareness have no competitive advantage, so they can only create low-price strategies to gain customer support. Therefore, it is recommended that users should learn more about the configuration of relevant materials when purchasing LED displays, and choose suitable products according to their own usage.

For example, if your own LED display is used for a short time every day, and it is only opened several times a month, then you can choose a low-end LED display. If the LED display purchased by an advertising media company is used more than a dozen times a day Hours, and it is used day after day and year after year, then you must choose products from LED display manufacturers with better performance, and stability is also very important. .

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