?LED display waterproof is really important


Waterproofing of the LED display is really important. Recently, a customer said that the LED display was leaking. We asked us to go to the scene to help solve the problem. At first we thought that the customer forgot to install the waterproof rubber pad when replacing the module, and the water would flow along the LED module. The group enters the LED screen body, and after the customer's inspection, all the LED modules are installed with waterproof rubber pads. It is said that it is a problem with the LED display screen, so let's go to the scene to eliminate it. At the request of the customer, we sent Xiao Wang, who has more than 5 years of experience in installation and commissioning, to the site to find out the reason. When he arrived at the site, he found no problem with the rubber pad of the module. Later, he asked the customer to find a water pipe for water spraying experiments, and the water pipe was pulled to the LED display body. In less than 30 seconds after turning on the water pipe at the top of the LED screen, you can see water dripping from the top of the LED screen. It is estimated that the reason for the water ingress is that the top of the LED screen will be wrapped with an aluminum-plastic board. When sealing the top layer of the board, Ignored the backflow of the board, that is, the water will flow back from the lower part of the board to the steel structure along the upper edge of the wrapping edge. The reason was found, and the customer asked about the remedial measures. We suggest adding an extra layer of stainless steel plate on the top of the LED display screen, with an extra brim coming out, so that the water can flow out directly, so as to completely prevent water leakage from the top.

Water ingress into outdoor LED displays has several major hazards. First, LED displays are electronic products, and all equipment is not waterproof. If water ingress will cause circuit board short circuit, leakage, etc., secondly, water ingress will cause LED modules, The power supply and control card were burnt due to short circuit, and they need to be repaired before they can be used normally. Water ingress into the LED display is very harmful, so when installing each outdoor LED display, we recommend that the edges must be wrapped properly to prevent water ingress, otherwise it will cause serious consequences. .

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