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Many people are familiar with the LED electronic display screen. If you pay attention, you can see it everywhere. The LED electronic large screen has been developed many times until today. The control part is offline, synchronous, mobile phone control, wireless cluster control, etc. It all shows the convenience and practicality that LED electronic screens bring to users every time. In terms of structure, LED electronic display screens must also adapt to the installation requirements of different environments, and from an aesthetic point of view, LED electronic screens must also keep pace with the times and meet the needs of users. Appearance requirements. In recent years, with the rapid development of the industry, my country's LED electronic display industry has experienced a relatively serious structural surplus, and the phenomenon of product homogeneity is serious, making the competition among the electronic display industry more and more fierce, and the price of LED display Frequent wars and frequent price competition not only severely compressed the profit margins of LED electronic screen manufacturers, but also began to erode product quality. On March 6, 2018, Lianhe Huiye held a customer appreciation meeting and marketing meeting of "Gathering in Shenzhen City, Winning 1 Billion Together" in Shenzhen. The marketing of "buy our LED electronic screens and return LED modules" was released at the meeting The policy, immediately, also aroused heated discussions.

As a rental product under the marketing policy of "buy our LED screens, return LED modules", the LHHY series LED electronic display screen has also become a high-profile protagonist after its first public appearance at the conference. Undoubtedly, Lianhe Huiye dares to do this. First, Lianhe Huiye has truly solved the real pain points of customers, thinking about what customers think, and solving customers' worries from the perspective of customer experience. Second, Lianhe Huiye is firmly committed to the quality of LED electronic display products. confidence. What are the selling points of LHHY led electronic screen products, and how is the "fool style" embodied? 1. Module sharing, creating value (1) LHHY led electronic screen products adopt modular design, and product modules and control boxes with different dot pitches are interchangeable.

(2) The front maintenance design of the led module is more efficient. How high is the specific efficiency? Let's make a comparison. LHHY led electronic screen products compared with traditional products to replace the power supply: Steps for traditional products LHHY led electronic screen products The first step is to turn off the power for 2 seconds and loosen the lock for 2 seconds. The second step is to remove the screws of the power box for 60 seconds and pull out the power box for 2 seconds. Three steps to remove the power terminal screws 120 seconds to replace the power box for 2 seconds The fourth step to remove the power supply fixing screws for 60 seconds to fix the buckle lock for 2 seconds The fifth step is to replace the fixed power supply for 60 seconds The sixth step is to fix the power terminal screws for 120 seconds Box screw 60 seconds Step 8 Power on for 2 seconds The total time is 484 seconds 8 seconds LHHY led electronic screen product and traditional product replacement module step time comparison: step traditional product LHHY led electronic screen product first step Turn off the power for 2 seconds to loosen and prevent falling off Knob 2 seconds Step 2 Remove module screws 120 seconds Push out the module 1 second Step 3 Change module 2 seconds Change module 2 seconds Step 4 Fix the screws 120 seconds Step 5 Power on for 2 seconds Efficiency advantages of LHHY led electronic screen products: the efficiency of replacing modules is increased by 50 times; you do not need to remove screws; the efficiency of replacing power supplies is increased by 60 times without you needing to turn off the power; It may be one of the most useful arc locks. The industry's first humanized arc lock design only needs two steps to perfectly realize straight edge and arc splicing. 3. Multiple protection LHHY series adopts anti-collision cabinet design to prevent damage to the LED lamp beads at the bottom of the cabinet; anti-collision pad design, even if the LED lamp is knocked off, the solder pad is not easy to damage, which greatly improves the reliability of the LED lamp. Maintainability; the LED module is anti-falling, which effectively improves the safety of the LED module during transportation; the anti-off T-shaped hook design prevents the box from falling off during hoisting and single-person operation.

LHHY led electronic screen series, as a convenient "fool-style" product developed by United Huiye, has made great breakthroughs in both function and user experience. This shows that United Huiye is not only thinking about how to solve customer pain points in terms of marketing policies, but also has been thinking about LED electronic display products. In 2010, United Huiye was established, and the quality of LED electronic large screens resolutely became the lifelong belief of the entrepreneurs of United Huiye. "No product, no license" also started from that meeting. Standing firm quality concept.

On 3.15 International Consumer Rights Day, most companies embarked on various publicity methods, nothing more than the emphasis on quality. For Shenzhen Lianhuiye Technology Co., Ltd., which has been deeply involved in the LED electronic display industry for many years, quality is undoubtedly a topic we are proud of. .

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