LED electronic large screen appeared in Hangzhou Metro


LED electronic large screens are now standard products in many occasions. Due to the advent of the information age and the era of big data, the advertising industry has ushered in new changes. LED electronic large screens can help better development. Recently, many people were pleasantly surprised to find that many channels of Hangzhou Metro Line 1 and Line 2 have been installed with colorful and lifelike LED electronic large screens. People in a hurry can enjoy colorful, dynamic and beautiful pictures between gestures. The rapid development of the transportation industry makes the sharing of information fast and convenient, and the construction of urban subways is a hot spot that attracts the most attention in urban development. More and more cutting-edge information products and security products are applied in every corner of the subway. As an important part of subway information display, display equipment has always been the focus of attention. After comparing major domestic display equipment manufacturers, Hangzhou Metro finally chose United Huiye LED electronic screen products. The project covers LED large screens, LED Display, and double-sided led screen and other products. According to the needs of subway advertisements, the United Huiye LED large screen can realize the versatile large screen function of splitting the screen into single screen display or multi-screen display. The single screen resolution can reach 1920×1080FHD (full high Video display design, high brightness, high definition, delicate picture, saturated color, perfectly display every detail of the picture. At the same time, it supports the setting and operation of various display scenarios, and real-time processing of full high-definition signals. In addition to adjusting its own display brightness, the United Huiye LED electronic large screen can also perform seamless splicing and intelligent adjustment of brightness and color operations according to the requirements of the subway advertising booth display, and the LED screen has extremely high flatness and delicate colors. Rich, high refresh rate, smooth screen switching. This time, the display equipment located in the Hangzhou Metro was commissioned and installed by Hangzhou United Huiye. After the perfect completion of the last Hangzhou Metro project, United Huiye once again won the Hangzhou Metro Line 1 and Line 2, including the Olympic Sports Center, the East Zhongjie Station, Industrial Exhibition Hall, Railway Station, Qingnian Street, Santaizi Station, Hangzhou North Station, Tiexi Square, Yuhong Square Station and other subway advertising led electronic screen projects. Subway advertisements have always been the best choice for businesses to promote their companies and products, and the large LED screens for subway advertisements are located in an excellent position, with a large flow of people, coupled with high-definition picture quality and wide viewing angles, which better attract the attention of many tourists. For brand promotion, it has played a good advertising communication effect and is an important way to obtain advertising revenue. The display equipment of the subway system is different from the general traffic display application, and the high-intensity, variability, and intelligent display requirements will have more and more stringent requirements on the display equipment manufacturers. As a leader and leader in the domestic LED large-screen terminal industry, Lianhe Huiye, relying on its independent core technology and sustainable research and development capabilities, has promoted the perfect completion of the advertising large-screen project of Hangzhou Metro with mature and advanced LED display equipment and technical support. Lianhe Huiye always has a forward-looking vision, keeps up with the trend of the times, adheres to a professional development strategy, focuses on technology and application, and continuously develops new products that meet customer needs; is trustworthy and pragmatic, pioneers and innovates, and aims at "quality manufacturing" to serve Contribute to the construction of the LED special display field and even the security industry. .

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