LED electronic screen enterprises must have long-term planning


LED electronic screen companies must have long-term plans. Now the competition in all walks of life is quite fierce. The LED electronic screen industry is a high-tech enterprise in the eyes of laymen, so they come to dig gold one after another. Unexpectedly, the competition is so fierce. Have a long-term vision to operate, short-term behavior of cutting corners can only be speculative, LED electronic screen quality is the foundation of the enterprise. LED electronic screen products must continue to innovate under the premise of ensuring quality, which is in line with the development direction of global energy conservation. The greater the pressure, the greater the potential of the market.

We used to have glory, the high place is too cold, we will be the top of the mountain, and the momentum of all the small mountains. We have once been, the emperor of the iron-clad rivers and mountains, it is unrealistic to always be the first, there will always be someone who will always try to surpass you, and at the same time After surpassing you, he will also be surpassed by others. However, there are always some companies that will never be on the stage. Finally, one day they don’t feel that fair competition is good for their development, so they think of other ways, and make some small moves when they are clearly wrong. As a result, cutting corners and low prices flooded the market, causing some formal LED electronic screen companies that need to maintain profits to be in a mess. They never thought that there would be such a mess. Seeing that the cake is being robbed, the bosses can’t sit still. Who is afraid of who? ah! But the result is now obvious.

When to return to rationality? Just raise your awareness. The more chaotic the market, the more princes there are, and the more able and righteous people are, that's what the so-called heroes in troubled times mean. It is also a good way to grow and support each other in an industrial belt.

Now except for the higher profits of emerging industries, other traditional industries are facing fierce competition, declining income, serious homogeneity, price wars, etc. The real economy is really not easy to do now. Domestic LED electronic screen companies are facing Difficulties come one after another. For such a market environment, many companies in the industry have already entered the subdivision field, and if they don't try to make achievements, they will really be overwhelmed, and the shot of turning around will never be fired again. Faced with such a large competitive pressure, what LED electronic screen manufacturers have to do is to continue to tap the undiscovered potential.

In 2014, a high-profile LED electronic screen industry award selection was held in Beijing. The selection event named "China LED Electronic Screen Technology Innovation Award" was sponsored by a well-known professional group in China, the China Industry Development Promotion Association, and was intended to provide a good display for LED electronic screen companies and industry elites across the country Platform and valuable communication opportunities, and recognize outstanding units and individuals through awards, promote healthy competition in the industry, and promote the progress of the industry. In this selection, Mr. Shiraishi passed all the way by demonstrating his outstanding original patents, and won the most concerned "China LED Electronic Screen Technology Innovation Gold Award" among the major awards.

The development of an enterprise or an industry needs positive energy. It is the correct way to open up success if everyone is twisted into one rope and exerts energy in one direction, rather than falling apart and going their own way. Spare no effort to develop technology and improve product life. Before these tasks can be perfected, there is a direction to work hard. What the market needs is better led electronic screen products rather than lower prices.

So how to explore the residual value and maximize the potential is the correct development idea. The market needs to be tapped, not put in front of our eyes. From the data point of view, the installation rate of LED electronic screen products is increasing, and the growth rate is getting faster and faster. The geometric shape is a signal.

In the field of research and development of the combination of LED electronic screen and virtual reality technology, his achievements are second to none in the industry, and he is regarded as an expert in the solution of LED electronic screen display system solutions. As the general manager of Shenyang Mailan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., Mr. Baishi has been engaged in the LED electronic screen industry for many years. With rich experience, proficient professional skills, unique vision and insights, he has developed a number of patented technologies and led the company to develop into a A high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service of LED electronic screen comprehensive application products. So far, under the careful construction of Mr. Baishi, the company has become an international LED electronic screen industry platform with advanced management mode, strong research and development capabilities and rich resources at home and abroad.

But for Mr. Shiraishi, these are far from enough. A number of technologies won national awards. In December 2016, at the award ceremony of the "2016 China Science and Technology Innovation Annual Conference" held in Shanghai, Mr. Baishi relied on his excellent plans and ideas for the combination of LED electronic screen and virtual reality technology , won the "New Technology Innovation and Progress Award in one fell swoop. This selection was sponsored by the well-known China Science and Technology Innovation Association in my country. It has considerable professionalism, authority and influence. It has received extensive attention and active participation from well-known enterprises and elites in the industry.

The emergence of Mr. Baishi is not only a contribution to the industry, but also a benchmark for the progress of the industry. Baishi said that my country's LED electronic screen industry is in a stage of increasingly mature development. It must not only make steady progress, seek innovation and change, but also ensure quality and seek strategic cooperation. How to combine these factors to maintain their own vitality and competitiveness is the most important issue at present.

Mr. Baishi adheres to the simultaneous development of innovative technology strategy and brand strategy, and has won the favor of global customers with high cost performance and perfect after-sales service. and solutions to achieve low-carbon and environmentally friendly products. These innovative concepts and models have enabled Mr. Baishi to defeat his opponents in competition after competition and become the designated exhibition service provider in many major projects. Mr. Shiraishi is also a frequent visitor in various domestic industry selection activities, large and small. Only the two domestic professional and authoritative awards won these two times are no small achievements in any industry. .

For Mr. Baishi, these awards are undoubtedly the affirmation and recognition of his technological innovation ability, and also the country's strong support for technological innovation in the field of LED electronic screens. These are the motivations for him to persevere. Baishi: Insist on innovation In addition, Mr. Baishi also attaches great importance to innovative technical talents, and has established a R&D team and management team with rich experience and outstanding professional skills in the company, among which there are 21 core creative design and R&D personnel. Mr. Baishi himself is also a senior technician who focuses on the research and development of new technologies and new products. After tireless efforts, Mr. Baishi's persistence and dedication have been greatly rewarded, not only creating huge economic benefits for the enterprise, but also good The reputation also makes the company a model in the field of LED electronic screens.

During the interview, the editor could feel the rigor of a technology developer and the vision of an enterprise manager. In the future, Mr. Baishi will continue to devote himself to the R&D and innovation of the LED electronic screen industry, earnestly practice the strategy of seeking development through innovation, improve the global living environment and lead the LED electronic screen industry with his precise vision and excellent technology Innovation and environmental protection. It is believed that under the guidance of Mr. Baishi, Shenyang Mailan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. will create greater glories, and the development of my country's LED electronic screen field will also enter a new era.

"Innovation is an inexhaustible driving force for the development of an industry. My team and I will not be satisfied with the status quo. We will continue to innovate in the future. I also hope that colleagues in the industry can realize the importance of innovation and change the traditional development model. , Continuously inject fresh blood into the enterprise and even the entire LED electronic screen industry", Baishi said. .

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