LED electronic screen has a wide range of applications


"Wide range of applications of LED electronic screens" LED electronic screens can be used in different environments such as outdoors and indoors. We can recommend different solutions for different environments to achieve the best results and good use value. Below we will start from environmental protection, energy saving, and display performance. Now let’s introduce which environments use different styles of LED electronic screens for the best results. In response to different application requirements in different subdivided application fields, we have launched a variety of outdoor LED electronic screen application solutions with different differentiated advantages. Building wall and roof: grille screen M50, designed for creative outdoor installations that emphasize long-distance viewing effects and transparency. It is light in weight (≤28kg per square meter), low in wind resistance, and saves steel structure, greatly reducing the cost of LED electronic screens. The load of the screen on the building and the difficulty of installation and construction.

The size of the outer frame and the length of the light bar can be designed according to the needs, which is flexible and diverse. At present, there are three options: ventilated and light-transmitting, ventilated and opaque, and non-ventilated and opaque. It can be used as an inkjet screen to display inkjet pictures during the day, and LED video programs, dynamic full-color images, text, etc. at night. Information kiosks, platforms, windows, community information, etc.: Outdoor small-pitch B series, using SMD black lights, large viewing angle, high contrast, more realistic and delicate picture quality, high brightness, high IP65/IP43 protection level for outdoor use, Anti-UV, anti-cold, corrosion-resistant and other properties, can replace the current light box advertising screen, platform glass screen, window screen, LCD splicing screen, plasma splicing screen, etc., mainly used in information kiosks, platforms, windows, community information and other fields.

Outdoor buildings and traffic guidance: Flounder S series, a subversive ultra-light and ultra-thin outdoor LED electronic screen, is 42% lighter than traditional cabinets and saves more than 30% of structural costs; supports front maintenance/rear maintenance of cabinets, supports Curtain wall embedded installation, F frame installation, fixed installation, curved surface structure installation; achieve energy saving of more than 30%; support network cluster control function and remote information release, you can control the global LED electronic screen in one place, and change the content you want to play arbitrarily . Indoor glass curtain walls, shop windows, and glass guardrails: the high-perspective effect of the glass screen G series is more than 80%, ensuring the natural lighting of buildings; the structure is light and compact, the thickness of the main board is only 8mm, and the weight is only 12kg/㎡. Indoor maintenance is quick and easy. Safety, saving manpower and material resources. The application of high-definition LED electronic screens in Shenzhen on the stage and the gradual reduction in the cost of LED screen production and use have led many creators to blindly pursue the concept of "panoramic video dance beauty". Landscape films are replaced by LED.

However, many creators ignore the reality that LED electronic screens are likely to bring huge light pollution to the stage. When the design and production of the stage are completed and the overall lighting synthesis is carried out, they have already regretted it. But when LEDs are used in large quantities, the situation has changed dramatically. In addition to the lighting system, the light source in the stage space also has various self-illuminating LED electronic screens. During the playback of various video materials, LED electronic screens, And because of the change of the picture, it constantly changes its own luminous intensity and color. This characteristic makes the lighting control on the stage more complicated, and the combination of light is also more challenging. The application of Shenzhen high-definition LED electronic screens on the stage plays a huge role in the overall design of the show. It can make the whole stage present a magical sense of space and layering, and make the overall visual presentation richer and more interesting.

In traditional stage design, the only source of light is the lighting system. The director, lighting engineer, and stage artist work together to create a unique stage space with light. .

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