LED electronic screen helps the development of electric power industry


LED electronic screens help the development of the electric power industry. The electric power system needs a strong data flow as information support in order to operate safely. As the most powerful LED electronic screen manufacturer in Shenzhen, we always adhere to the concept that quality is life, and create every LED The high-quality manufacturing of electronic screens creates value for customers and lays a good foundation for our sustainable operation. It is understood that the display screen of the Mawan Power Monitoring Center was composed of four 70-inch TVs. However, since the display terminal of the monitoring center needs to run continuously and stably for 24 hours, the traditional display screen will appear various after running for a period of time. Problems, such as machine failure, color distortion, black spots on the screen, inconsistent brightness, etc., have seriously affected the normal operation of the monitoring center. In order to better cooperate with the transformation and upgrading of the DCS system, after comparing various schemes, Shenneng Mawan Power decided to adopt the scheme of LED video splicing wall to transform the display system of the DCS system, and Lianhuiye, as the professional high-definition display system Navigator has successfully broken through among many first-line LED electronic screen manufacturers, helping the construction of the information platform of the monitoring center of Mawan Power Plant.

The overall power informatization solution provided by United Huiye for Mawan Power Plant integrates the application of high-definition LED display control technology, multi-screen image processing technology, signal switching technology, and network technology. It accurately displays massive information on power operation, and supports one-key switching of multi-channel signals and user-level intelligent control, which can be described as both internal and external! The 1.4mm ultra-high-definition high-definition LED electronic screen built by United Huiye for the monitoring center of Shenneng Mawan Power Plant has been in stable operation for half a year. With its unique seamless splicing technology, nearly perfect arc shape, and delicate and realistic display effect, Once the display screen was lit, it was unanimously praised by leaders at all levels of the power plant. The ultra-wide and ultra-clear screen of 34㎡ provides comprehensive and full-time power monitoring for the monitoring center of Mawan Power Plant. demonstration role. As a leader in the LED electronic screen industry and a synonym for high-end high-definition LED electronic screens, Lianhe Huiye's V·Me high-definition screens have been widely used in military command, security monitoring, radio and television, meteorological energy and other fields.

Based on the principles of reasonable configuration, advanced technology, complete functions, stable performance, safe use, and open structure, Lianhuiye has combined years of accumulation according to the on-site use environment in different fields, the characteristics and quantity of display signals, and the requirements for display management functions. Thousands of engineering design and implementation experience can provide customers with a complete set of safe and reliable integrated display application solutions, and contribute to the information construction of various fields and industries! From the internal point of view, the high-definition LED electronic screens of Lianhe Huiye are all designed with high-precision CNC-processed die-casting aluminum, and the accuracy between the cabinets is controlled within 0.01mm. Poor and bright and dark lines, truly realize the smooth mirror-like display effect of the entire screen. The high-definition LED electronic screen of United Huiye adopts communication-grade DC power supply, and provides power supply and signal redundancy backup, which can realize 24-hour uninterrupted operation for a long time, providing a strong hardware guarantee for the stable operation of the monitoring center. From the outside, the LED electronic screen of Lianhuiye can realize the dynamic supervision of the entire power monitoring system, and can collect, retrieve and switch various monitoring signals and network signals at any time, for the unified dispatching and management of power, and the emergency handling of emergencies. It provides accurate and timely information guarantee and decision-making basis.


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