LED electronic screen should return to rational development


"LED Electronic Screens Should Return to Rational Development" LED electronic screens have accumulated rich technical reserves since years of development. Today, with the rapid development of the global electronics industry, LED electronic screens have become a rapidly developing market and manufacturing country for multi-country applications. It is close to the Vietnamese government and vigorously develops LED electronic screens provide preferential policy environment for enterprises from all over the world. Over the years, the competition in the LED electronic screen market has intensified. In order to compete for customers, various LED electronic screen manufacturers wish to lose money and compete with their peers to the death. Domestic companies that are still at a disadvantage in terms of patents should abandon the past ideas and practices of only winning by price, and from a higher perspective, be familiar with and use patents well from the very beginning, apply for as many patents as possible, and build their own intellectual property rights system, from passive to active.

However, after a whole year of tempering in 2016, price increases swept the entire LED electronic screen industry. Nowadays, the LED electronic screen industry has gradually bid farewell to the market competition of price wars in the past, and enterprises have begun to return to the construction of fundamentals such as product quality and service, so as to better cultivate the market and increase gross profit margins. "Of course, compared with international companies, our domestic companies should also learn more about their management capabilities and the ability to develop new products to adapt to new markets.

"Yang Yuankai finally proposed. Yang Yuankai said, "Without raising prices, on the one hand, considering the fierce competition in the industry, we should give back to customers with better quality; on the other hand, we must tap potential from within and reduce costs to serve customers. "There is no doubt that Lianhe Huiye takes the highest cost performance as the solid backing for the company's development.

In the next 2017, Lianhuiye will continue to do a good job in the mid-to-high-end market and fully cover the LED screen industry with products, such as packaging silicone, packaging RGB epoxy glue, crystal-bonding glue and other products. As the market gradually returns to rationality, LED electronic screens have become an industry that is made in China and in line with the world, but it has also inevitably fallen into the embarrassing situation of "manufacturing strong country" and "brand weak country". Therefore, this requires domestic LED electronic screen companies to continuously carry out R & D and innovation in products, and promote the branding process of Chinese LED electronic screen companies.

Fortunately, after 8 months of investigation and trial, Lianhe Huiye won the patent lawsuit. Referring to the patent issue again, Yang Yuankai emphasized, "United Huiye has never stopped the layout of patents. At present, it has obtained a number of product invention patents and has reached cooperation with major domestic and foreign manufacturers." When it comes to R&D innovation and brand awareness, we cannot Deny, Shenzhen United Huiye Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "United Huiye") is one of the successful corporate models in China.

Lianhe Huiye was established in Baoan District, Shenzhen in early 2005. It is an enterprise focusing on the research, production, sales and service of new polymer materials. Its products mainly include silicone packaging materials, polymer micro-foaming materials, and epoxy resin packaging. materials etc. For more than ten years, Lianhe Huiye has always adhered to the high-end market. With its high popularity and product reputation, it has attracted mid-to-high-end customers at home and abroad, and was successfully listed on the New Third Board in November 2016. It is understood that Lianhe Huiye officially entered the field of LED electronic screen modules in 2011. Its core product is silicone packaging glue for LED electronic screens. After five years of accumulation and precipitation, it has now become the main supplier of packaging materials for LED electronic screens in China. one of the merchants.

Naturally, "snatching food from the tiger's mouth" will not be smooth sailing. While Lianhe Huiye is rising, a baptism of wind and rain is gradually approaching. As early as April 2014, Dow Corning brought Lianhuiye to court, claiming that the phenyl-containing high-refractive silica gel sold by Lianhuiye in the market violated its patent. "The reason why United Huiye can become a leader in the field of LED electronic screen modules is quality, cost performance, service, and reputation.

Yang Yuankai, general manager of United Huiye, told Gaogong LED electronic screen. Indeed, the purpose of United Huiye has always been to do a good job in cost performance, put product performance first, and then negotiate prices. In addition, technical support will be given to customers. According to Customer needs to develop new products.

According to Yang Yuankai, "Customized research and development is the advantage of United Huiye. United Huiye has a R&D team of more than 30 people including doctors and postdoctoral fellows. This R&D team will "tailor-made" new products for customers according to their needs." Worthy of It should be mentioned that the current packaging products are more inclined to materials with high power and strong heat resistance. In response to this market demand, United Huiye has developed a new module material suitable for SMD brackets. Replacing offense with defense, turning patents into sharp "spears" R & D team.

Reject vicious competition and lay out the mid-to-high-end market. If an enterprise wants to gain a foothold in the high-end market, it must have two elements. Yang Yuankai emphasized that, first of all, "we must have our own brand advantages. Of course, the brand is slowly built up by relying on reputation; secondly, when companies enter the mid-to-high-end market, they must have strong innovation and R&D capabilities to keep up." "In fact, like packaging Products such as silica gel, packaged RGB epoxy glue, and die-bonding glue all existed in the market, but they were all imported.

At present, these products have become the mainstream products in the packaging market. What we have done is to increase our R&D strength, continuously develop new products, and solve the problem of domestic scarcity of such products. "Yang Yuankai said so. In fact, Lianhuiye's positioning in the high-end market is also unwilling to engage in vicious price competition with small and medium-sized enterprises. In Yang Yuankai's view, this is meaningless.

Looking back at 2016, the rise in raw material prices has driven the entire LED electronic screen industry chain to increase prices more or less, while Lianhuiye, as a material manufacturer, has not been affected to adjust prices. .

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