LED energy-saving screens will gradually be accepted by the market


LED energy-saving screens will gradually be accepted by the market. At present, the DC power supply voltage of LED full-color screens is 5V. Recently launched 4.2V and 3.8V energy-saving ICs, which can save about 20% of electricity for LED full-color screens, and become synonymous with high-tech for a new round of product replacement in the industry. Advertisers choose energy-saving LED full-color screens because of the energy-saving effect, but even though the full-color LED energy-saving screen itself has the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection, a full-color LED screen has thousands of LEDs, and its power consumption is still very high: one Outdoor full-color screens range from tens of kilowatts to hundreds of kilowatts. Such a large power poses great challenges to wiring, power application and electricity bills. Therefore, "more energy saving" is also a technology that the LED full-color screen manufacturing industry has been conquering. Hotspots are also difficult. Single-color full-color screen: single red or single green; two-color full-color screen: red and green dual-primary colors, 256-level gray scale, can display 65536 colors; full-color full-color screen: red, green, blue three primary colors, 256-level gray scale Full-color full-color screen can display more than 16 million colors.

A number of display companies in the industry have launched ultra-low power consumption and energy-saving LED energy-saving screens; at the same time, excellent design solutions for energy-saving LED screens are also emerging one after another: adopting high-efficiency and low-energy chip design, it is necessary to meet the power consumption of traditional full-color screens. The energy saving is about 50%; the control of power consumption has been greatly improved. By adopting high-efficiency LED light-emitting chips and high-efficiency switching power supply, the power conversion efficiency is greatly improved; at the same time, the excellent heat dissipation design of the screen body reduces the power consumption of the fan. Electricity; In addition, the scientific design of the overall circuit scheme reduces the power consumption of internal circuits, and automatically adjusts the brightness of the outdoor LED full-color screen according to changes in the external environment, thereby achieving the effect of energy saving and emission reduction. In addition, there are many excellent energy-saving solutions, here will not repeat them one by one. Although compared with other display devices, the energy-saving effect of large-screen LED energy-saving screens is worthy of recognition, but it should not be "reckless" and do not think about making progress. Energy saving is the eternal theme of the times, and the pursuit of research and development of more energy-efficient full-color LED screens has become a reality. The current technological development trend of the entire industry requires huge technical investment in the early stage, but the return can be expected in the later stage, especially at the moment when the industry is becoming more and more mature. Deeply cultivating "energy saving" and developing more energy-saving LED full-color screens are not only in line with The theme of the times can also create huge opportunities for the development of its own enterprise. In recent years, the LED full-color screen industry has been committed to the improvement and development of better ED energy-saving full-color screens. Compared with the previous LED full-color screens, there has been a qualitative leap in terms of display effects, overall appearance, and quick maintenance. The emergence and improvement of key technologies such as spacing, front maintenance, and seamless splicing all provide opportunities for LED full-color screens to occupy more markets. At the same time, the industry has never stopped developing technologies and solutions to make LED full-color screens more energy-efficient.


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