LED flexible screen product structure presents a trend of diversification


With the continuous changes in market demand, continuous advancement of technology, and the introduction of national standards, LED flexible screen products are developing in the direction of diversification, standardization, standardization, and high brightness. It is expected that the mainstream product situation of large or super large LED displays will change, and it is suitable for the characteristics and professionalism of the service industry. It should be noted that small LED displays will be greatly improved, and the product categories and varieties of LED displays for the information service field will be improved. It will be more abundant, and there will be breakthroughs in some potential market demands and application fields, such as public transportation, parking, catering, hospitals and other comprehensive services. The demand for information display screens will be greatly improved. The standard series of LED displays will occupy a majority share in the total market of LED transparent screens. The publicity, implementation and promotion of relevant standards will promote the standardized development of LED display products.

Among conventional LED display products, standardized display devices and control systems will be more widely adopted, integrated LED display products will occupy a major position in the industry, and the specialized division of labor in the production of standardized LED display products and market technical services will more obvious. In the field of professional applications, in order to meet the needs of professional applications, the level of specialization of LED display products will continue to increase. Specialized products combined with application requirements will expand to form new products and new application fields of LED displays, such as large-scale urban lighting projects. Area LED display, LED display in sports venues, LED display in traffic field, etc. For a long time, due to the manufacturing process and other reasons, the characteristics of LEDs are very different. When the display modules made of these LEDs are integrated into LED displays, if these differences are not sufficiently compensated, it will lead to LED displays. The difference in brightness and color is clearly visible; at the same time, after the LED display is installed and used for a period of time, the brightness and chromaticity of the LED will decay with time, but the degree of decay of each LED is different, which will lead to LED display The visual quality of the screen is greatly reduced; in addition, the replacement of damaged LED modules during the use of the stage led display will cause the new module to not match the entire screen, which will also greatly reduce the visual quality of the LED display.


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