LED full-color display team collaboration awareness strengthened


LED full-color display team cooperation awareness is strengthened. LED full-color display is the core product of Shenzhen United Huiye Technology. According to the environment, it is subdivided into indoor LED full-color display, stage rental screen, real-time live broadcast display in stadiums, and LED advertising screen. , bank securities exchange rate screen, outdoor LED full-color display, etc., 2017 is a year for laying the foundation for United Huiye Technology. Many of our new LED full-color display products have been released and received unanimous praise from customers. On January 11, 2018, the Fourth Quarter Awards Ceremony of United Huiye Marketing Center was held as scheduled in the conference room on the second floor. The high-definition LED full-color display screen arranged on the site was full of joy, filled with the fiery passion of the United Huiye people. As the Chinese New Year is approaching, the joy is passed on to every partner present.

The marketing center awards conference in the fourth quarter continued the previous three awards conferences, and still set up an opening game and three WeChat interactive lucky draw sessions, pushing the atmosphere to a climax time after time. A total of 2 first prizes were drawn on the spot, rewarding shopping cards; 6 second prizes, rewarding imported shampoo; 9 third prizes, rewarding Want Want spree. Tang Rui from the AOU group sang an impromptu song, which accidentally ignited the audience.

How hilarious it is. The brilliant performance of the LED full-color display marketing department is hard-won. The promotion of an order may require countless phone calls, emails, and visits across oceans by sales staff. You also need to experience calm thinking when there is no order, and stick to it to the end.

The award-winning LED full-color display sales elites shared with you their experience in overcoming difficulties and exchanged experience in following up orders. Sales is not only a profession, but also a psychological warfare, a heart-to-heart interaction and game between salespersons and customers. If the LED full-color display salesperson wants to improve their performance, they must become the winners of this psychological warfare.

Therefore, a good salesperson should be a "psychologist", but also a "technical expert". This awards conference is mainly for the sales elites who won the first, second and third place in sales of LED full-color display in the fourth quarter of 2017, excellent marketing team, sales promotion award, rookie award, quarterly ranking progress award, and new customer development award. Speaking with performance has always been the core indicator used to measure sales results! The award-winning teams and individuals walked across the red carpet to the stage amid warm applause, and received certificates and bonuses from the award presenters.

It is the unremitting efforts of this group of people that has achieved the continuous growth of Lianhe Huiye. This is not only an encouragement to the LED full-color display sales elites, but also a spur to every salesperson present, inspiring them to strive for a better future! The awards ceremony came to an end amid bursts of applause, and the general manager of the LED full-color display marketing center took the stage to deliver a speech. He affirmed the remarkable achievements of various LED full-color screen sales regions, and expressed his gratitude and hope to the sales elites.

The development of an enterprise is inseparable from sales elites who are active, hardworking and stand together through thick and thin. All the friends here are the pride and precious wealth of United Huiye! Talent is the core competitiveness of United Huiye, and a continuous and strong team is the cornerstone of the future development of United Huiye! After the award ceremony, Wang Yang from the R&D Center trained HD VE product knowledge for the small partners of United Huiye. High-definition LED full-color display will be the main battlefield of United Huiye next year, and high-definition VE will be the most powerful weapon for United Huiye to conquer the LED full-color display market. Manager Liu shared in detail on the stage, and the friends listened carefully off the stage. When encountering knowledge points that they did not understand, they actively interacted and discussed in the questioning session, and the audience instantly swam in the ocean of knowledge.

Lianhuiye is the most serious about making LED full-color display screens! For high-end high-definition LED full-color display screens, Lianhuiye people are even more professional! The company plans to increase the performance of LED full-color display screens by 1.3 times on the current basis in 2018, and colleagues need to make persistent efforts! .

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