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The development of LED full-color electronic screens has developed rapidly in recent years, and has gradually been applied to various fields such as outdoor media. Usually, what we see outdoors is only LED full-color electronic screens, so a complete LED full-color display includes steel structures. , control system, power distribution system, control software, LED full-color screen and so on. Shenzhen is the "testing ground" for China's economic reform and opening up to the outside world. It took the lead in establishing a relatively complete socialist market economic system and created a miracle in the history of world industrialization, urbanization, and modernization. miniature. It has become the production base of global LED full-color electronic screens. With better production technology and advantages in human resource costs, it undoubtedly has incomparable advantages. First of all: let's look at the components of the LED full-color electronic screen system first. Control system: generally controlled by computer synchronously, it is divided into sending card and receiving card. The sending card is installed in the control computer, and the receiving card is distributed on the display screen. In the body, it is connected through a network cable or other optical fiber transmission. The quotation of the control system is directly related to the size of the screen. Because the control card controls the specific points according to the resolution, the larger the screen area, the more control cards are required. Generally, one control card is configured for one box according to the standard. Auxiliary equipment: such as control computer, power amplifier audio, air conditioner, video processor, lightning arrester, monitor, etc. The price of ancillary equipment is calculated according to the equipment selected by the user, and these The equipment has to be bought again, the brand and model are different, and the price is different. LED full-color electronic screen screen body: LED full-color electronic screen body is a screen body spliced ​​by unit cabinets, which includes power supply, fan and Several wires inside, fully sealed waterproof box structure. We usually say how much is the price of LED full-color electronic screen per square meter, which refers to the price of the display screen. And different models and specifications of product materials and components are not the same , the price will be different. Frame structure: The budget of the frame structure is also calculated according to the size of the screen body, and different installation methods will also affect the budget price. Common outdoor LED electronic display installation methods include wall-mounted and column-mounted , wall-mounted, pedestal, etc. Generally, the column type and pedestal type use more steel, followed by the wall-mounted type, and the wall-mounted type is less, the price of steel consumed is about 3,000 yuan/m2, depending on the market situation. Combined Huiye Technology LED full-color display breaks through various disadvantages such as weight, heat dissipation, lighting, brightness, intelligent light control, and remote operation. The heat dissipation system ensures that the screen is not affected by high temperature, the high light transmittance ensures sufficient lighting for the building, and the ultra-high brightness makes the color reproduction more realistic. The intelligent light control automatically adjusts the brightness of the backlight according to the changes in the surrounding lighting conditions to prevent energy waste and Light pollution disturbs the people, and at the same time remote control to deal with any emergencies, super high quality, not afraid of the test of the scorching sun. The price of the LED full-color electronic screen is also based on the area required by the customer. The material is like a box, and the distance between the display screens is related. Welcome. Friends who need to know come to visit our company! .

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