LED full-color screen enterprises usher in multiple turning points


LED full-color screen companies have ushered in multiple turning points. From the perspective of global industrial layout, China is still a big country in the LED full-color screen manufacturing industry. At present, high labor costs and difficult recruitment have become headaches for LED full-color screen companies. Chinese companies have moved to Vietnam, The development of the Belt and Road Initiative, the return of American manufacturing, and intelligent manufacturing have faced challenges and opportunities for LED full-color screen companies. In March, the country entered the time period for the two sessions of the country. The two sessions are a window to see through reform and development, a bridge to connect social conditions and public opinions, and a meeting to set the tone for the country's overall work every year.

During this period, there will often be collisions of many viewpoints and analysis of hot spots. Up to now, the hot topics of the two sessions have emerged one after another. As a person in the LED full-color screen industry, do you know which of the hot spots in this year's two sessions are closely related to us? What impact do these topics bring to the LED full-color screen industry? Let's discuss together: "Real economy" cost reduction LED screen enterprises will focus on cost control. Industrial manufacturing is an important pillar of the national economy and a "country important weapon" to achieve development and upgrading. With the deepening of the concept of "Made in China 2025", improving the competitiveness of the real economy is the common responsibility of Chinese manufacturing enterprises.

At present, my country's economic development has entered a new normal, and the return of foreign manufacturing industries has reduced the cost of the real economy and promoted the transformation and upgrading of enterprises. However, the tax burden on enterprises in China is still too heavy, and the current situation of high overall operating costs has not fundamentally changed. Problems such as expensive financing still exist. Further accelerating the reform of the tax system, standardizing administrative fees, effectively reducing the cost of corporate financing, labor, taxes and fees, and making physical enterprises light-packed has become a hot topic in this year's two sessions. Reducing costs is the eternal theme of business operations, but this issue is now very important and urgent, especially for Chinese LED full-color screen companies that have entered the era of meager profits. The growth rate of production factors such as energy is greater than the improvement of enterprise production efficiency, the cost pressure of enterprises is rising year by year, and the pressure of survival of small and medium-sized LED full-color screen enterprises is increasing.

In addition, the price of raw materials continued to rise in 2017, and upstream LED chip manufacturers raised product prices one after another. Recently, LED full-color screen manufacturers have also shown signs of price hikes. Regarding taxation, the Ministry of Finance previously responded that for the problem of excessive payment, the Ministry of Finance will work with relevant departments to further clean up and standardize the charges related to enterprises, and then cancel, adjust and standardize a number of administrative fee items and standards. Experts said that the burden of enterprises is not only taxes and fees, but to solve the burden of enterprises should also be combined with reducing costs for enterprises.

Therefore, continuous exploration of ways to reduce costs is undoubtedly a controllable way for LED full-color screen companies to save themselves. With the growth of the real economy slowing down and the competition in the LED full-color screen industry intensifying, screen companies should put the control of corporate costs in an important position, and should also make better use of the opportunity of cost reduction in the "real economy" to strengthen corporate management and promote Enterprise internal resource integration and cost optimization survive and develop in the fierce industry competition. To promote the "artisan spirit" of the manufacturing industry, the development of LED screen enterprises has entered the era of "quality". Carry forward the spirit of craftsmen, cultivate the culture of craftsmen, practice professional ethics, and cultivate many "Chinese craftsmen".

This is the first time the government work report mentions "artisan spirit", and the original intention and purpose is to "create more world-renowned 'Chinese brands' and promote China's economic development into an era of quality." As we all know, before that, the vicious competition in the LED full-color screen industry Seriously, some small screen companies often ignore product quality in order to pursue profits, resulting in uneven products in the industry, and even causing many unbearable follow-up problems. It is precisely because of the lack of standards in the LED full-color screen industry that companies have no product quality standards. Therefore, in recent years, many companies have been working hard to promote the formation of industry standards, including standardized business models, standard LED full-color screen modules, cabinets, etc. , Promoting the industry to form a benign development situation.

What is indispensable in the manufacturing industry is quality manufacturing and "artisan spirit". With the advancement of technology, "Made in China" is no longer synonymous with cheap and inferior. However, China's LED full-color screen industry is still unable to completely shake off the label of inferior quality. With the rationalization of consumers, the requirements for product quality are getting higher and higher, which has also transformed the LED full-color screen industry from low-level price competition to product quality competition and brand competition, and initially entered the "quality" era. It means that the product quality construction and brand building of LED full-color screen enterprises will be more important.

Creating a "smart city" LED full-color screen has become the "new favorite" of wisdom. 2016 is the first year of the outbreak of small-pitch LED full-color screens. There may be a trend in the outdoor field. In the future, the LED full-color screen system with intelligent control function will not only be a single-function full-color screen by implanting the most cutting-edge intelligent system, whether it is "smart city" outdoor intelligent display, or some indoor technology display applications, LED Full-color screens are feasible to a certain extent, and can meet intelligent functions such as "smart city" security monitoring, smart city management, and cloud platform big data processing. During the time of the two sessions, deputies to the National People's Congress from all over the world offered their opinions and suggestions on the issue of "smart city". On the one hand, each should act in its own way, and it is necessary to plan scientifically and advance as a whole.

In the past two years, the layer-by-layer promotion of "smart city" has also brought new development opportunities for the development of many industries. Because the unique display function and intelligent control of LED full-color screens can help create smart city solutions and smart monitoring, this makes LED full-color screens have become the "new darling" of smart cities. At present, leading LED full-color screen companies have begun to develop "smart city" solutions. Driven by "smart city", more and more LED screen companies will devote themselves to urban security construction, small-pitch monitoring solutions, and smart solutions. build. With the development of intelligent LED full-color screen products, LED full-color screen intelligent products and intelligent solutions will become a new star in the "smart city".

The "Belt and Road" strategic layout deepens the urgent need for LED screen companies to "go out". At 12:00 Beijing time today, at the press conference of the Fifth Session of the Twelfth National People's He pointed out that since President Xi Jinping put forward the "Belt and Road" initiative for more than three years, the cooperation has continued to bear fruit, the impact has been rapid, and it has swept the world. It has become the most popular international public product so far. Panoramic best international cooperation platform. It is worth mentioning that with the support of policies such as "One Road, One Belt", many domestic enterprises have intensified their competition. The policy has given LED full-color screen companies more opportunities to "go global", but it cannot be ignored that LED full-color screen companies are increasing. Large exports and overseas market layout also need to enhance the brand value of the company. The era of large-scale sales of LED full-color screen companies has passed. Only by strengthening corporate strength, brand influence and technological innovation can companies gain a firm foothold in the wave of international competition , to enhance the international status of China's LED industry. Of course, the LED full-color screen industry is also deeply affected by the "Belt and Road". With the support of policies, in recent years, there are not many Chinese LED full-color screen companies that have gone abroad. In addition to domestic leading LED full-color screen companies, some small and medium-sized enterprises It also goes abroad through engineering projects or joint mergers and acquisitions.

Relevant data show that in 2016, China's LED key field products exported to the "Belt and Road" market was 7.371 billion US dollars, accounting for 20.38% of the country's LED key field product exports. It can be seen that the "going out" pattern of China's LED industry has initially taken shape, and LED full-color screen companies can use the "One Belt, One Road" and other policies to go abroad and go to the world. "Turning the soil and fertilizing" LED screen enterprises for innovation Innovation is the "soul" of survival. During the two sessions, Xi Jinping pointed out that innovation is the first driving force leading development.

Grasping innovation is grasping development, seeking innovation is seeking the future. Moreover, recently, Wang Zhigang, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Vice Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology, also stated that the reform of the science and technology system in 2017 will focus on "implementation" and "responsibility", and transform the top-level design and system deployment of the reform into specific actions and actual results to promote work . At the same time, innovation is the joint innovation of science and technology, system and system, and the innovation of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation", which is closely related to the country, enterprises and individuals.

In today's LED full-color screen industry, if screen companies do not innovate, they will kill themselves. In 2017, the competition in the LED full-color screen industry intensified. Many large and medium-sized enterprises relied on their strong technical strength to continuously adapt to market demand and launched a series of new products, which won a good market for the development of enterprises. Under such an industry situation, screen companies are competing for innovation one after another, and some non-innovative companies can only be eliminated in the competition.

Innovation is the soul of an enterprise. Under the guidance and support of national innovation in the new year, LED full-color screen enterprises should increase R&D investment and focus on innovation in order to bring greater returns to the enterprise. Although innovation in the entire industry is currently slowing down, and some breakthrough technological innovations are relatively rare, more companies are focusing on product practical innovation and structural innovation. But in fact, no matter which aspect of innovation, LED full-color screen enterprises can only promote enterprise development and industry progress only if they have been on the road of innovation.

"Smart manufacturing" is not a dream for many screen companies to expand production and upgrade. China's LED industry is concentrated in Guangdong. Driven by "smart manufacturing", it is not impossible for the LED full-color screen industry to transform from traditional manufacturing to high-end manufacturing. For now, LED full-color screen manufacturers have switched from traditional manual manufacturing to high-end automated machine manufacturing. The production capacity of enterprises has increased significantly, and the use of machine production has saved a lot of manpower and material resources. At this year's local two sessions, "smart manufacturing" was widely praised in many places.

It is speculated that in the future, the "new three-pole" pattern of my country's manufacturing industry shifting to high-end equipment manufacturing in the east, industrial upgrading in the central region, and breakthroughs in advantageous industries in the west is expected to accelerate the formation, while intelligent manufacturing will become a new breakthrough in the manufacturing industry. In addition to carrying out the work of pilot demonstration cities, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will also revise and improve the "Made in China 2025" provincial and municipal guidelines in 2017 to guide local differentiated development and the rational distribution of productivity in key areas. However, it is worthy of our attention that the intelligent manufacturing of Chinese LED full-color screen enterprises is still on the primary road. Most enterprises can only achieve semi-automatic production, and there are very few enterprises that fully rely on automated production. Therefore, "intelligent manufacturing" China LED full-color screen companies still need time to practice. Using the Internet to integrate enterprise production technology to promote the creation of enterprise smart products may be a breakthrough in the actual "smart manufacturing" of enterprises.

Previously, various provinces issued the "13th Five-Year Plan" development plan for the manufacturing industry, LED full-color screen enterprises have also received a lot of policy support, and mass production has been realized. LED full-color screen enterprises "unmanned" and "automated" production to promote intelligent manufacturing. If the "Industrial Internet" platform is realized, then the "intelligent manufacturing" of LED full-color screen enterprises will establish a new milestone, and the expansion and upgrading of screen enterprises will continue. Another problem. .

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