LED full-color screen gradually eliminates backward display equipment


LED full-color screen gradually eliminates outdated display equipment. The appearance of LED full-color screen has brought infinite joy to human beings, but it has also replaced many old equipment. The strong vitality and display effect of LED full-color screen have won the appreciation of many people. LED full-color screens will first replace traditional outdoor billboards, and there is no doubt that it will overcome static with dynamic effects. Secondly, compared with projectors, LED full-color screens have better and brighter colors, higher brightness, and sensory effects will be the most intuitive judgment. Compared with the LCD splicing screen, the seamless splicing of high-definition indoor LED display screens is the most intuitive feeling of seamlessness and seams, and the effect of full-color LED screens is self-evident. When it comes to projectors, it is easy for everyone to think of "little black room".

If the light is brighter, the screen will be completely white, so we have to turn off the lights and draw the curtains. In fact, why so! In the indoor application places such as meeting rooms, schools, exhibition halls, home theaters and entertainment places where projectors were commonly used in the past, LED full-color screens have won the market with a thunderous momentum due to their bright colors, delicate display effects, and long service life. recognized by consumers. High brightness, the display is not affected by the brightness of the environment. In a high-brightness application environment, the full-color LED display has sufficient display brightness and is not affected by the brightness of the environment, and the display is still clear; and the display brightness can be adjusted according to the brightness of the environment.

High contrast, realistic color reproduction The contrast ratio of LED full-color screen is higher than that of projectors, which restores more realistic colors without the whitening effect that projectors often have. The display screen is more realistic and delicate, and the colors are more vivid and saturated. Wide Viewing Angle The larger the viewing angle of the screen, the clearer the screen images are viewed on the left and right sides of the screen and in the up and down directions. The full-color LED display can reach more than 160 degrees in all directions, but the projection equipment is only 45 degrees. The range of viewing angles, the difference will come out in one comparison! Self-illumination, occlusion does not affect imaging Projection equipment that uses optical imaging, when there are people walking around or obstructed by obstacles, the imaging of the projector will be affected by it, and the picture will not be fully displayed. The LED full-color screen is self-illuminating, and the picture is directly presented on the screen body, and the occlusion does not affect the display of the complete picture.

Long service life Projector lamp life is about 3,000 hours, single lamp power consumption is high, and life is short; while LED full-color screen has a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours, easy maintenance and long life. Full-color LED display is widely used in hotels, schools, government units and enterprises with the above-mentioned powerful advantages. LED full-color screens are used in schools, whether it is auditoriums, classrooms, conference rooms, exhibition halls, etc., the projectors have been replaced by United Huiye LED full-color screens, spreading knowledge and opening up a colorful world for teachers and students.

LED full-color screens For hotels, hotel conference rooms have already been replaced with full-color LED screens of United Huiye. United Huiye P3. Series and A series both use high-definition high-end PWM driver ICs, with a refresh rate of ≥3840HZ, no water ripples in photos, and beautiful effects, so that the grade of the hotel soars and the value of the conference room soars. LED full-color screens are used in the daily work of enterprises, and projectors are gradually withdrawn. United Huiye LED full-color screens display the labor achievements of employees with stable performance and high-definition images, and promote mutual communication and learning between employees, making the daily life of the enterprise full of vitality and vitality. Vitality, creating unlimited value for society. In order to better serve the people, the full-color LED display in the government units has bid farewell to the projection. The LED full-color screen of United Huiye is the "soldier behind the scenes", conveying the wishes of the people with high-definition and delicate display effects, and meeting the government's information disclosure requirements , image display and other display requirements.

The popularity of LED display screens is sweeping and moving towards more application fields. It's time to say goodbye to projectors. Let Lianhe Huiye LED full-color screens give you more choices and open up the world of high-definition LED full-color screens! For more details, please consult the offices of Lianhe Huiye, provincial brand operators, and service providers of thousands of stores! .

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