LED full-color screen helps the country develop


LED full-color screens contribute to the great development of the country, and major national projects cannot be separated from the support of high technology. As a leader in the display field, LED full-color screens have undertaken the progress of national science and technology. In recent years, domestic aerospace, transportation, sports, and international conferences are indispensable for the emergence of full-color LED screens. The common Olympic Games and large-scale events in the world have display screens, which shows the trend of LED full-color screens in the future development. Shenzhen United Huiye's high-definition LED full-color screen screen has been successfully applied in Xichang, Jiuquan, and Wenchang satellite launch centers by virtue of the zero-error display with smaller pixel pitch and higher safety and reliability, and has participated in the "Chang'e Moon Exploration" for many times Aerospace events such as "Shenzhou Flying Apsaras" are also called "aerospace screens" because of their high-end quality.

In the Beijing Aerospace Flight Control Center, Shenzhen United Huiye provided a P1.47U high-definition LED full-color screen with an area of ​​more than 200m2. Heavy duty, and after 64 days and 1536 hours of "zero failure" all-weather display, with high reliability and excellent display performance, it has become a participant and witness of China's aerospace legend. The 3D technology of Beijing AVIC Vocational and Technical College and Shenzhen United Huiye's high-definition LED full-color screen is very mature. It has been successfully applied in the Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway Suzhou Command Center, Inner Mongolia City Operation Center, Washington Wizards Sports Center, etc., and outdoor 3D technology has also been used. Successfully settled in Xidan, Beijing, and helped promote the products of fashion brands such as Jeanswest, which is refreshing. An aerospace flight control center in Beijing. In fact, Shenzhen United Huiye not only directly participates in the aerospace industry, but also helps my country's aerospace education through 3D technology.

Recently, Shenzhen United Huiye designed and installed a set of high-definition LED full-color screens for Beijing AVIC Technical College, equipped with a 3D display system, which can realize simulated training and has an immersive feeling. It provides manual dismantling, maintenance, Simulating experiences such as flying in the air is another way to practice true knowledge in modern times. In addition, the high-definition LED full-color screen of United Huiye can also be compatible with a variety of software systems, easily realize big data on-screen information visualization, first-person perspective technology, etc., can serve as a smart brain and display terminal for military exercises, and can also help in complex terrain The pursuit of enemies in the environment. .

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