LED full color screen power distribution system is equipped with standard


The LED full-color screen power distribution system is equipped with standard equipment. The LED full-color screen is a large-scale display device. Due to the special installation environment and the large instantaneous start-up current, it is usually equipped with a special distribution box or distribution cabinet for the LED full-color screen. The power distribution system can effectively protect the LED full-color screen from lightning strikes, short circuit, delayed power on, remote control, brightness adjustment and other commonly used functions. The LED power distribution system is roughly divided into three categories according to the shape. Small LED full-color screens can be used with smaller distribution boxes. The shape of the LED distribution box is like a box. There is no base for direct wall installation, so it is named distribution box. Larger screens usually have a power of more than 100KW and can be called LED power distribution cabinets. The difference between power distribution cabinets is that there are four foot pads at the bottom that squat directly on the ground because of their heavy weight. It is specially designed for rental LED full-color screens. Due to the frequent disassembly and assembly of LED rental screens, 4 pulleys are installed at the bottom for easy movement in order to move easily, so it is named rental distribution box.

The functions of the LED power distribution system are similar. It mainly shunts the 380V high-voltage AC power of three lines and five items to several AC contactors through the master control switch, and then decomposes it into several groups. It is worth mentioning that the current LED distribution boxes will be installed with time delays. Relays, that is, due to the large current at the moment of power-on, delay group power-on can avoid adverse consequences caused by instantaneous current. In addition, the LED power distribution system can be installed with a multi-function card, which is also very powerful. The functions of remote control, brightness adjustment, temperature protection, and smoke power-off are very practical. In addition, the distribution box can be installed with a timer switch to control the LED full Turn on and off the color screen. We also customize the LED power distribution system according to the actual needs of customers to meet different customer needs, time control distribution box series (wall-mounted), multi-function card distribution box series (wall-mounted), mobile distribution box (Rental distribution box), distribution cabinet series (cabinet type), economical mobile distribution box series, WIFI series distribution box, GSM mobile phone distribution box series, APP mobile phone distribution box series, manual distribution box series, Economical PLC distribution box series, economical PLC distribution cabinet series, standard PLC distribution cabinet series, GSM distribution box series, etc.

If you need to customize the dedicated power distribution system for LED full-color screens, you can contact Shenzhen United Huiye Technology. We will repay your valuable support with professional technology and reasonable prices. .

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