LED full-color screen ratio design factors


LED full-color screen is the mainstream display device in the current market. Many friends have no idea about the size design of LED full-color display in the early stage of design. The size design of the LED full-color screen is composed of three factors, the first is the installation environment, the second is the planned size of the width and height of the LED color screen, and the third is the content that is usually played, that is, media advertisements, wedding videos, HD TV broadcasts, high-definition Movies and more. Installation environment: LED full-color screens are divided into indoor LED displays and outdoor LED displays. Indoor LED screens are usually a space on one floor, and the width is generally not limited, while the height is usually between 2.8-3.5 meters. Outdoor LED full-color screens Large screens are usually not limited in size, and the width and height can be adjusted flexibly. The only factor is the owner’s layout of the advertising space. For example, a building has many floors. The half-story exterior wall is usually the signboard of each store on the first floor, and the third, fourth, and fifth floors are usually the layout positions of large billboards. This position is a golden position for advertising. Usually, many businessmen want to rent outdoor advertising spaces, so they will be divided into several. If you want to make an LED full-color screen advertising space in this location, the size may be limited, so for the sake of overall coordination, you must accept the overall layout plan, and you can only design according to the size given by the lessor. If 3, 4, There is no plan on the 5th floor, and the size of the LED full-color display can be designed arbitrarily. Ideal size: LED full-color screen can play different video signals, such as self-made LED advertising videos, video programs recorded by guests, TV broadcasts, movie entertainment and so on. The proportion of the video content produced by the advertising company can usually be designed according to the proportion of the LED full-color screen. The display proportion of the video programs recorded by the guests, such as outings, wedding anniversaries, company event selfies, etc., should be defined according to the proportion of the shooting tool, such as For mobile phones, digital cameras, camcorders, etc., the video ratio of TV broadcasting is usually 16:9 signal output, such as CCTV programs and local stations, etc., and the display ratio of American blockbusters is usually 2:1 or 16:7, etc., domestic The movie display ratio is usually 16:9, so before making a full-color LED screen, you must have a deep consideration of the playback content. If the ratio of the LED full-color screen production does not match the ratio of the broadcast program, the image will be compressed, and the displayed effect will be the same. It's a bit awkward and looks out of proportion. When encountering this kind of problem, it can be solved by setting the parameters of the LED full-color screen. The top, bottom or left and right of the LED full-color screen will be left blank or can be filled with text scrolling information. It is best to design according to the playback ratio when designing a full-color LED screen. .

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