LED full-color screen technology upgrade leads China's high-end manufacturing


LED full-color screen technology upgrades lead China's high-end manufacturing. LED full-color screens have been constantly updating various technical parameters, from the earliest outdoor curtain walls to indoor small-pitch high-definition LED full-color screens, constantly refreshing the display effect of gray scale, high density, and 10,000 colors. At present, more than 80% of the world's LED full-color screen products are made in China. Recently, South Korea and Japan have also seen the breadth of LED full-color screen applications, and are also actively developing the popularity of the theater market. my country should make persistent efforts in the environment of 2025 intelligent manufacturing. Consolidate my country's leading position in the global manufacturing of LED full-color displays. Since the birth of small-pitch technology, revolutionary technological innovation has been a bottleneck for durable products such as LED full-color screens.

Of course, that's not to say there isn't innovation in the industry. In the process of industry development, innovation is ubiquitous, involving multiple links such as product research and development, manufacturing, marketing, and after-sales service. Although technological innovation is everywhere, it does not mean that "innovation" is the "life-saving straw" for all LED full-color screen manufacturers, especially when the current industry technological innovation enters the "no man's land", the innovation of LED full-color screen manufacturers It needs more slow cooking and continuous investment from the basics, so as to have the opportunity to realize the "revolutionary innovation" of the product.

The following are the three major problems that LED full-color screen manufacturers must face when innovating. I will share them with you and share with you. 1. Underlying basic innovation of display technology: Although it is an indisputable fact that China's LED full-color screen industry is leading the world market, from the perspective of technological innovation, the innovation of Chinese LED full-color screen companies is currently more focused on the application level of products . Whether it is a smart LED display product or an innovative product in a segmented field, it is essentially an application innovation based on the display scene, while ignoring the underlying innovation of the display technology.

From this perspective, LED display technology and product innovation need to return to the essence, and do a good job in the underlying technology innovation of display technology. 2. Slow down the speed of innovation and seek quality: In fact, many giants in the LED full-color screen industry have already started to walk on "multi-legs". They no longer limit their profits to the production and sales of LED full-color screens. Take a variety of cross-border development paths such as sports, lighting, and culture. A large part of the reason is that the technological innovation and iteration space of the LED full-color screen industry has become smaller and smaller, and the probability of revolutionary products appearing is getting smaller and smaller. The chaos of low prices in the quagmire.

For example, the industry is considered to be the mainstream direction of the next-generation display technology with small pitch. This technology has been popular for several years, but the small-pitch market only began to really enter the explosive period last year, and in terms of specific applications, it is not yet mature. , what is even more worrying is that under the dual pressure of excessive upstream lamp bead production capacity and a large number of downstream companies, the price reduction of small-pitch prices may drop sharply, especially many small-pitch products that do not have their own unique advantages. After the market broke out, it can only rely on low prices to seize the market, and it is easy to push the small-pitch market into the quagmire of vicious price wars. 3. The development of domestic industry has entered the "no man's land": As we all know, the entry threshold of my country's LED full-color screen industry is low, which provides opportunities for Chinese companies with "short development time and weak technical foundation" to break through and surpass in the industry. It is doomed that the LED full-color screen industry is prone to homogeneous vicious competition, and the entire market demand saturation is relatively high. In the development process of the rapid rise of the industry, in addition to taking advantage of China's unique advantages such as perfect industrial chain and low manufacturing cost, what is more important is that the industry's technical threshold is low, and popular full-color LED display products are easy to imitate and copy , Even micro-innovation based on imitation is not complicated, and even through localized innovation and localized marketing and price reduction, it is easier to grab market share.

However, with the development and growth of the domestic LED full-color screen industry, no matter in terms of market or technology, other foreign-funded enterprises have no reference value. No man's land", without reference and reference. Summary: At present, China's LED full-color screen industry is in the period of transformation and upgrading. In the face of increasingly fierce market competition, LED full-color screen manufacturers must not only pay attention to the innovation space of applied technology in the terminal market, but also cannot relax the fundamentals of display technology. The innovation of revolutionary technology. .

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