LED high-definition display price components


The price of LED high-definition display is composed of power supply, control system, video splicer, LED unit board, steel structure, power supply and signal wire. In addition, the high-definition LED display is installed in different regions, and the material configuration will be different. Transportation, installation , debugging, after-sales, etc. are also an important part of the price of LED high-definition display screens. At present, the high-definition indoor LED display specifications include P2, P1.923, P1.875, P1.667, P1.526, P1.25, etc., and the prices range from 8,600 yuan/square meter to 31,000 yuan/square meter (screen price) , The part of supporting equipment should be accurately calculated according to the arrangement of the high-definition LED display. In addition, the above-mentioned LED high-definition display is installed in different regions, and the price will be different, mainly reflected in the configuration of materials. For example, if the project is installed in Russia or Canada, a low-temperature switching power supply must be used to start the LED high-definition display in winter. Otherwise, the power supply will not start normally if the temperature is lower than -20°, so the entire screen will not work.

Previously, some customers did not indicate the installation location, and the LED high-definition display with conventional configuration was used. Whenever the local temperature was lower than -25°, the LED high-definition display could only be started after the air conditioner was heated inside the screen every time. The reason was that the switch There is a core component capacitor in the power supply. If the temperature is too low, the liquid in the electrolytic capacitor becomes a solid state, and the solid cannot conduct electricity. In addition, the LED high-definition display screen is recommended to use a high-definition scheme when used on stage backgrounds or TV stations. If you watch TV, if you pay attention, you will often see horizontal bars appearing on the TV screen when the camera is facing the computer monitor or TV. This is in the display. It is called stroboscopic in the industry. In professional terms, it means that the refresh rate is too low. The refresh rate of conventional high-definition LED displays is 960HZ. At present, the refresh rate of relatively high-end LED display manufacturers has reached 3840HZ. It seems that there will be no stroboscopic. Phenomena, if it is in the civilian field, there is no need to pay too much attention to the issue of refreshing. .

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