LED large screen continues to innovate from low gray to high refresh rate


LED large screens continue to innovate from low gray to high refresh rate. Since its birth, LED large screens have served various users, especially made great contributions to railway stations and securities markets in the early days. Due to the large spacing of previous LED large screens, it is difficult to There is no special requirement for grayscale. As people's visual requirements and pixel density become smaller and smaller, refresh and grayscale have become a major feature to measure the technical advantages of LED large screens. The development of LED large screens has gone through three stages: monochrome, dual-color, and full-color LED large screens. During this development process, the LED large screen control system has also experienced the development process from a low gray scale of 4bit to a high gray scale of 16bit, which makes the dynamic display effect of the LED large screen continuously improve.

Understanding the development of LED large screen control systems will help to improve the understanding of display products. The following joint Huiye Technology will share with you the development trend of the LED large screen control system in 2018. Synchronous systems and asynchronous systems will continue to exist with each other: within a certain period of time, synchronous systems and asynchronous systems will continue to exist with each other. Although the asynchronous market space is small, it is still indispensable.

Although the emergence of IPad cannot replace notebook computers, it is also a new bright spot in the market that cannot be ignored. In the future, the LED screen synchronous control system and asynchronous control system may be combined to a certain extent, the two will combine with each other, learn from each other, and even new products with the best characteristics of both will appear. The speed of introducing new technologies and new products of the LED control system to the market has been significantly accelerated: new technologies and new products have been continuously launched into the market, which proves that the LED large screen control system is constantly improving and the technology is becoming more and more perfect.

However, due to the homogenization of hardware and the convergence of technologies, future control systems will focus more on software development, and the focus of competition will also shift from hardware and price to software competition. Compared with the early LED large screen control system, the performance and reliability of the current control system have been greatly improved. The back-end control of the LED large screen originally used conventional control circuits. With the continuous improvement of control technology and the application of control chips, the control system will generally use LED ASICs. The pixels are controlled and adjusted, which greatly improves the display brightness and color effects.

Due to the technical level and cost, etc., the special control chip products for LED large screen are mainly in the hands of foreign countries, such as Maxim, Agilent, Toshiba and so on. At the same time, some manufacturers in China have developed and produced LED large screen control circuits, but due to performance factors, it will take time to popularize and use them. In recent years, LED large screens have developed in the direction of higher brightness, higher weather resistance, higher luminous uniformity, higher reliability, full color, and multimedia. The operation, operation and maintenance of the system are also integrated development in the direction of modernization, networking and intelligence.

The future display technology will be the era of flat panel display, and LED large screen, as one of the leading products of flat panel display, will have more room for development. At present, it is difficult to count the large and small LED large screen control system manufacturers in my country. With the continuous development of new markets in the LED large screen industry, the display screens in various subdivided fields have put forward higher requirements for the control system. For example, high-density high-definition LED large screens are an emerging market that has been developing rapidly in recent years. The narrowing of dot pitches poses challenges to various devices such as driver ICs and control systems. In the future, manufacturers of synchronous and asynchronous LED large screen control systems It is also necessary to further improve the performance to help the perfect display of the large LED screen.


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