LED large screen has become a new generation of competition


"LED large screen has become a new generation of competition area" LED large screen is currently very hot in the market. As many people realize that LED large screen can not only create high-quality information transmission for businesses, but also market segmentation for audience groups. The current LED Large screens can no longer meet the requirements of fineness, and a new era of high-definition competition has quietly arrived. With the sharp drop in cost and the continuous improvement of display effects, the small-pitch LED large-screen industry is showing explosive growth, and the supply is in short supply. Small-pitch LEDs replace DLP and other splicing screen markets in full swing, and currently only replace about 20%.

LED large screens are widely used in advertising media, sports venues, stage backgrounds, municipal engineering and other fields, becoming the most mature market segment in the field of LED applications. According to industry insiders, the small-pitch technical barriers of LED large screens are relatively high, and it is difficult for enterprises in the traditional large-screen industry to enter, and the industry concentration is rapidly increasing. Everbright Securities believes that the development trend of small-pitch LEDs has been confirmed by the industry, and the compound growth rate is expected to exceed 60% in the next three years.

According to industry insiders, for a growth industry driven by technological innovation, when the market penetration rate is 20%-50%, the industry will enter the explosive stage. "2016 is the first year of the outbreak of small-pitch LEDs. It is expected that the next 2-3 years will continue to maintain a super-high growth rate. By 2018, the market size will approach 10 billion yuan." Venues, stage backgrounds, municipal engineering and other fields.

With the gradual maturity of small-pitch LED technology, it will be applied to more emerging fields in the future. In terms of listed companies, in order to adapt to the development of the industry, many LED large screen companies are seeking business transformation and upgrading. Among them, Lehman and Liantronics have carried out relatively successful explorations in the fields of sports and media respectively.

Leyard said that the outbreak of the small-pitch display commercial market has arrived, and the 100 billion civilian market is starting. The company will continue to maintain its leading edge, expand production capacity, strengthen channel construction, and achieve rapid growth. According to industry insiders, under this background, companies such as Leyard, Lianjian Optoelectronics, Huiming and Unilumin Technology have risen rapidly with advantages such as capital and cost. It is expected that in the next two to three years, among the four LED display dragons, there will be 1-2 companies with revenues reaching or even exceeding 5 billion yuan.

Previously, the threshold of the LED large screen industry was low, the industry concentration was low, and the total market share of the top ten in the industry was less than 10%. With the improvement of LED display technology and the emergence of scale effect, the technical and financial barriers of the industry are also significantly increasing. Taking Sansi Technology as an example, the company is a leading company in domestic LED display and LED lighting products and solutions. The company continues to break through the technical bottleneck of small-pitch LED screens, and enhances its core competitiveness through product upgrades, channel optimization, and application field expansion.

Huiming's 2016 third quarter report shows that the company's small-pitch LED large screens have signed about 142 million yuan, an increase of about 60% over the same period of the previous year, accounting for about 46% of the company's total large-screen orders in the third quarter. During the reporting period, the company's newly launched HDV small-pitch series products are the industry's first products to maintain small-pitch before wall mounting, which has won praise from the market. In the first three quarters of 2016, Unilumin achieved a total operating income of 672 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 7.60%.

The company has further expanded and improved the serialization and standardization of the entire product line of LED large screens. .

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