LED large screen industry has begun to take shape and form a supporting industrial chain


The LED large screen industry belongs to the electronic equipment manufacturing industry. Most of the early enterprises were founded by scientific and technological personnel from scientific research institutes and universities. The enterprises selected general-purpose LEDs and electronic components to develop, design and produce LED displays by themselves. It is a typical Chinese self-sufficient production mode from the development of control system, design of plastic case molds and cabinets, to the processing and production of semi-finished products.

In recent years, with the development of the industry, a clear division of labor has gradually formed in the industry. There are companies specializing in the production of LEDs, switching power supplies, integrated circuits, plastic cases and chassis for display screens; there are companies specializing in the development of control systems. business; there are processing enterprises specializing in the production of modules and modules. Many small businesses in the early stage of the industry have evolved into non-productive companies such as LED display sales, installation, and maintenance services. The formation of the industrial chain has promoted the development of the industry.

First of all, the promotion of LED display manufacturers has been popularized. As long as the corresponding parts are purchased, it is easy to assemble a display, and many sales-oriented enterprises have been cultivated; secondly, the production cost has been greatly reduced. The price of display screens is still falling despite the increase in domestic production materials and labor productivity. It is the formation of a professional control system developer, which has made a big leap in the control system level of domestic small enterprises. At the same time, the formation of the industrial chain has also brought negative impacts on the industry. The industrial chain makes it very easy for small enterprises to form, and the increase of small enterprises intensifies the competition in the industry.

Many small and medium-sized enterprises have participated in the industrial chain and stopped their own product research and development, so that the general product technology in the industry is the same, the quality is homogeneous, and the products have no characteristics. However, the formation of the conference room LED display industry chain is the need of the market and will be obtained Further development and improvement. .

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