LED large screen performance should start from the core


????? For end users, what are the indicators for purchasing LED large screens, what are the latest LED screen technologies, and what is the future development direction of LED large screens? Attention, for consumers, buying a large LED screen that is not outdated and will not be eliminated for a long time has profound significance for industry insiders how to recommend LED screens to customers. The consistency of LED large screens is the most concerned by various LED screen manufacturers. High-end LED large screen manufacturers introduce point-by-point correction and chromaticity uniformity correction technologies to make up for the defects of poor consistency of LED tubes. Consistency has strict requirements on parameters such as brightness, wavelength, splitting ratio, eccentricity, card point consistency, light distribution and viewing angle of LED lamps. Therefore, for the package of in-line oval lamps, attention should be paid to brightness, wavelength, splitting ratio, viewing angle, and same color at the same time. With the development of technology, LED large screens are more and more widely used in all aspects of life. Full-color LED displays have incomparable advantages of other display products, such as bright colors, clear images, good stability, high brightness, Long life, LED modular design can design the size of the LED screen according to user needs, weather resistance can be used outdoors and other advantages. With the development of society, people need more information exchange. LED screens are widely used in advertising, stations, shopping malls, airports, banks, stadiums, securities industry, sports stadium events, public information, stage background and other fields. The LED large screen industry is in a stage of rapid growth. Especially driven by favorable policies for energy conservation and emission reduction, LED technology has continued to improve, and the market capacity has maintained an annual growth rate of 15%. High-end LED large screens have strict requirements on the specifications of the oval LED tube, one of the core components, such as the brightness, wavelength, light shape, RGB light distribution, attenuation, and failure rate of the tube. Light distribution, RGB light distribution, eccentricity, card point consistency failure rate and other parameters are indispensable. Stable process conditions and strict quality control system can ensure the supply of high-quality LED screen products. Brightness: R>1000mcd, G>2000mcd, B>500mcd; Wavelength: 3nm binning; Splitting ratio: 1:1.1; Viewing angle: 105±5° in horizontal direction, 55±5° in vertical direction; Light intensity distribution curve is controlled within 10%; failure rate: less than 3/100,000. Only by meeting such requirements can the quality and service life of the LED large screen be guaranteed, but in this way, the source materials of the LED screen must be strictly controlled to ensure the quality of the LED lights in order to produce high-end LED large screens. .

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