LED large screen steel structure design and construction safety are worthy of attention


In the field of display, LED large screens that dominate outdoor large-screen displays in the name of "Big Mac" should be treated the same as general construction projects due to their application and installation characteristics, especially LED rental screens, which are often moved and repeatedly disassembled. The characteristics of the installation and installation make it seem to have a "special liking" for "collapse", and the future trend will be "continuous". So this year's "collapse" accident "acted" a bit too much, a series of LED large screen collapse accidents are enough to illustrate some deficiencies in the industry, especially in the LED rental screen segment. Accidents caused by building collapses are common in various news media reports. Just recently, on November 24, a major accident occurred in Fengcheng, Jiangxi Province, where the cooling tower construction platform of a power plant under construction collapsed, resulting in 74 deaths and 2 injuries. According to past construction experience, without considering the specific conditions of the external weather environment, the auxiliary support of the wet concrete structure was dismantled, which caused a collapse accident. The seriousness of this accident and the bloody lessons should also attract enough attention from the entire LED large screen industry. The collapse of engineering buildings is not a rare event in the field of engineering. People often say that "there are unpredictable things in the sky". Due to the changeable natural environment, the collapse of buildings under construction is beyond the reach of manpower, and it seems understandable. However, manufacturing activities are dominated by people. In the LED large screen industry, what kind of construction materials, what kind of construction period, what kind of construction plan to choose, and what kind of supervision and audit procedures to implement are very important to the engineering party. It is completely determined by the construction staff of the LED large screen project. During the Fukushima earthquake in Japan, the houses in the disaster-stricken area could still stand tall, with a "stubborn" air and arrogance to the world. It is a model of the unyielding spirit of human beings against the outside world. The reason is self-evident and worthwhile. Learn from our industry. According to relevant media reports, on the afternoon of May 6, 2016, during the "2016 "The Voice of China" National City Audition Chongqing Shizhu Competition" audition process, the large LED screen of nearly 20 square meters in the center of the stage suddenly fell down, and Shizhong was singing According to sources familiar with the matter, there was not much wind on the scene, and the natural factors of the accident were ruled out. On the evening of November 12, when all the guests in the banquet hall of the Sheraton Wanda Hotel in Wuxi Binhu, Jiangsu Province left the venue and the wedding was drawing to a close, the large LED screen and steel structure on the stage collapsed, injuring 7 people, 3 of whom suffered fractures. However, at the moment, LED large screens, especially in the field of rental screens that need to be frequently moved and dismantled, which are mainly "guerrilla", some engineering companies seem to lack some important things to ensure the quality of the project, that is, the minimum requirements for LED large screen projects. Responsibility. Looking at the series of rental screen collapse accidents in 2016, there seem to be natural factors, but in contrast, this factor seems a bit far-fetched, and it seems to be a "man-made disaster". The reasons for the accident: First of all, in the field of rental, due to the characteristics of frequent movement, disassembly and installation of LED rental screens, some manufacturers are driven by interests, and they over-express many characteristics such as the ease of installation and disassembly of products in terms of use. Catering to the needs of the user, but often due to the limitations of its own production conditions, it neglects the quality of the product itself, so that the installation materials are not up to standard, leaving a safety hazard for the project. Secondly, in the field of LED rental screen subdivision, the industry still lacks corresponding engineering standards, so that the installation quality of rental screen projects varies. The relevant standards for outdoor fixed LED large screens in the industry are relatively mature, and outdoor rental screens have been lacking corresponding unified standards due to their own installation characteristics. Often, some companies apply fixed standards to save trouble, regardless of the characteristics of rental screen projects. The corresponding special scheme can be customized according to the LED large screen that meets the corresponding environment, resulting in frequent accidents. In addition, the construction party's sloppy treatment of the LED screen project directly buried safety hazards for the LED large screen project. Driven by interests, some construction companies are often irresponsible for their own self-interest, cut corners, rely on past engineering experience, and take chances, so that the safety supervision of the project cannot be implemented. ', just directly trigger hidden dangers and cause accidents. .

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