LED screen circuit board price stable development


The rise of LED screen circuit boards has stabilized. Mr. Qiao of Haile Electronics: Under the influence of factors such as policy adjustments for raw material price increases after the two sessions, although the prices of raw materials such as copper are still at a high level, the rise has basically been stabilized. Coupled with the gradual release of previously released production capacity, the average cost of each company has dropped, so the recent price increase of circuit boards has also stabilized a little bit. In interviews, some heads of upstream circuit board suppliers in the LED screen industry said: Although the current price of circuit boards still rises slightly, the overall upward trend has stabilized. Mr. Jinshi Yuxiao: Due to the increase in labor costs and environmental protection costs, it is unlikely that the price of circuit boards will drop at present, but the increase is gradually slowing down; on the other hand, it is understood that some upstream circuit board suppliers are now What we are most anxious about is not stabilizing costs, but the issue of "delivery time". In the interview, Mr. Qiao also bluntly said that the pressure on the delivery time of circuit boards is very high now, and it has become an urgent matter to speed up the replenishment of production capacity.

Mr. Qiao said: "Currently, Haile's existing production line is 80,000?, and it is planned to expand to 120,000 by the end of the year. This is a conservative estimate..." Then what is the reason for the current insufficient supply of upstream circuit boards in the LED screen industry? ? Of course, the "surge in price" is the main reason for the cliff-like shortage during this period. In addition, there are many factors: During the previous "winter period" of the LED screen industry, the original production capacity of upstream circuit boards was occupied by other industries. This has led to the current situation of being caught off guard; in recent years, with the outbreak of the small-pitch market, the situation in the LED screen industry has improved, and the gradual increase in market demand has also stimulated the growth of demand for circuit boards; the circuit board manufacturing industry is facing a year-on-year The environmental protection pressure of the year, the more stringent environmental protection pressure this year, will even cause some factories to stop working, resulting in a backlog of orders and affecting the delivery date; the "delivery date" of the upstream circuit board manufacturing industry is still under pressure. In fact, the capacity problem is currently plagued by the entire The problem in the upstream circuit board manufacturing industry. In recent years, the price of circuit boards has been declining, while the demand has been increasing year by year. This has also led to many circuit board companies being squeezed out of the market due to price wars. The more stringent the environmental protection work, the elimination of a lot of backward production capacity, as Mr. Qiao said: "Whether it is price increase or elimination of backward production capacity, it is a necessary 'painful' process for the adjustment of the circuit board manufacturing industry." Of course, for the LED screen manufacturing industry, this is also the only way to go. Last year, many circuit board factories shut down due to environmental protection issues. This year, the production capacity in the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and other regions will be even more limited, and some excellent companies have not had time to replenish new production capacity. Therefore, on the whole, the overall supply pressure of upstream circuit board raw materials in the LED screen industry is still very high this year.


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