LED screen industry innovation summit held in Shenzhen


The LED Screen Industry Innovation Summit was held in Shenzhen. On April 20, the beauty of the LED screen world, the fifth Bao'an Taohuayuan Innovation Forum and the sixth China LED Screen Industry Innovation Application Summit were grandly held at the JW Marriott Hotel in Qianhai Overseas Chinese Town, Baoan District, Shenzhen. screen. From the executive dean of the School of Engineering of Southern University of Science and Technology Sun Xiaowei, assistant professor Liu Zhaojun, doctoral supervisor Hu Jizhong of Changzhou Industrial Technology Research Institute of Zhejiang University, Taiwan 3D screen godfather Wang Jungui and other academic celebrities, as well as Leyard, Lianjian Optoelectronics, Huacan Optoelectronics, Ledman Optoelectronics, Absen Optoelectronics, Unilumin Technology, Hangzhou Mecale, Silan Mingxin, Riyuecheng Technology, Lanpu Video, Shanghai Sansi, KDX, Han's Yuanheng, United Huiye Technology, Chuangxian Representatives of photoelectric and other LED screen companies gathered together to explore new driving forces for the future development of the LED screen industry. At present, the LED screen industry has ushered in a new era, and the explosion of small-pitch products in the application market has led the LED screen industry to a new historical height.

The emergence of new technologies and new products has completely subverted the survival rules of the traditional screen industry. Director Yu Jianfeng introduced that the LED screen industry, as one of the key manufacturing industries in Bao'an District, is an important part of promoting Bao'an's cultural media, security monitoring, and smart city construction, and its future development prospects are promising. However, there are still many urgent problems to be solved in the Baoan LED screen industry, such as technological innovation, wisdom leadership, and competitiveness enhancement. In the future, it is expected that more technological research and development institutions will come to Baoan to take root, continuously deepen Baoan’s industry-university-research cooperation model, and transform Baoan. , Innovation and development provide a strong cornerstone.

Yu Jianfeng, director of Shenzhen Baoan District Science and Technology Innovation Bureau, said in his speech that this summit aims to bring together the wisdom of innovation and development from all parties, promote Baoan District to accelerate innovation and development, and build an innovation highland in western Shenzhen. As a large manufacturing area, Bao'an's total industrial output value above designated size in 2016 was 583.054 billion yuan, of which the added value of the secondary industry was 149.501 billion yuan, accounting for 4.978 billion yuan. The GDP exceeded 300 billion yuan for the first time, with a year-on-year growth rate of 8.8%, which was faster than that of the whole country. The province has achieved a good start in the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan". As the global economy enters the "new normal", Bao'an District adheres to the path of transformation and upgrading, and strives to cultivate strategic emerging industries. The former traditional industrial center is being transformed into a high-tech industrial area oriented by high-end industrial manufacturing.

The summit also invited Professor Sun Xiaowei, a leader in the field of quantum dot technology, to exclusively analyze the advantages and future development prospects of quantum dot technology. It is foreseeable that quantum dot technology, which is said to be about to set off a next-generation screen technology revolution, is gradually becoming one of the focus technologies that global screen manufacturers are chasing. Innovation · The LED screen industry has a new blue ocean in the future, and innovation is the eternal driving force to promote the development of the industry.

Today, the ever-changing screen technology is gradually changing the way of life and communication in human society. Innovative technologies such as quantum dots, Micro-LED, and naked-eye 3D are emerging one after another, promoting the continuous development, transformation and upgrading of the LED screen industry. Foresight · The future road of LED screen technology, the future world, endless imagination. As LED screen companies continue to increase technology research and development, and product point spacing continues to achieve breakthroughs and innovations, each market segment of LED screens is showing amazing development potential with their own distinctive features.

Such as the combination of small-pitch LED screens with AR/VR and 3D technology, etc. Change·Where will the LED screen industry lead? The continuous development and growth of the LED industry requires more new products and new technologies to support, and also needs to be driven by innovative thinking. Thinking innovation can make our behavior create greater value. Today, the rental market has become a major market segment for LED screens.

Liang Wenji, deputy general manager of Marian Optoelectronics, also delivered a special speech on "Innovation and Application of Smart LED Screens in the Rental Market" at the summit, explaining the new challenges that the rental market poses to the LED screen industry. Looking at today's LED screen industry, it is unpredictable. Product innovation, cutting-edge technology, cross-border integration, listing mergers and acquisitions, new marketing models, innovation, change, upgrade, and change are everywhere.

Whether LED screen companies can grasp the current market opportunities depends on whether they can come up with innovative products that are truly technologically advanced and that meet consumer needs. High-end LED screens open up a new blue ocean in the leasing market. Since 1984, he has presided over the design of the first LED screen equipment in China. So far, he has been engaged in industry research and development and management for 33 years. He has led the design experience of many super large-scale event projects, such as: background Olympic projects, The 60th anniversary National Day project, the "White Cloud Sail" project for the background screen of the main venue of the opening ceremony of the Guangzhou Asian Games, the Shanghai World Expo project, etc.; has served as a member of the technical group, standard group and evaluation expert group of many national industry associations, and belongs to the country's first Generation LED application experts. The summit was sponsored by the People's Government of Bao'an District, Shenzhen, organized by Bao'an District Science and Technology Innovation Bureau, Shenzhen LED Industry Federation, and co-organized by Bao'an District Science and Technology Innovation Service Center.

Focusing on the three themes of "new technologies, new models, and new challenges", the conference focused on showing the beauty of the world of LED screens, and attracted a total of 300 elites from all walks of life including politics, industry, learning, research, and use. .

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