LED screen must take the road of diversified development


"LED screens must take the road of diversified development" Lianhuiye has a complete range of products in the LED screen industry, and LED screen products suitable for various occasions. In the process of development, we are good at analyzing and thinking about the full range of LED screen products that can be applied in various situations in various environments, and have won unanimous praise from customers. In the new year, our company will debut more high-definition and ultra-thin LED screen products. Hope Customers provide good advice. Lianhe Huiye is a high-tech enterprise integrating design, R&D, production, sales and service in the field of LED display applications. It is committed to becoming the most competitive high-definition LED screen manufacturer and service provider in the indoor and outdoor display industry.

According to the characteristics of the European market, Lianhe Huiye mainly launched new products such as small pixel pitch HDV1.2 and HDV1.6, the latest stage product M2.9, indoor and outdoor dual-purpose rental screen X5, and indoor upstart N series and other new products. And it will display the application solutions of five sub-industries: Rental, Retail, OOH, Corporate, Sports and a new product experience area of ​​Hands on Area, and analyze the design concept and application of these LED screen products in a deeper level. Lianhe Huiye will make a grand appearance with a variety of products. This time, it will display many new products in the rental 2 era, and will present a variety of product solutions together.

United Huiye has participated in the European Professional Audition Integrated Equipment Exhibition in 2013 and has participated in the exhibition for 4 consecutive times. This is the fifth time for United Huiye to participate in the exhibition. United Huiye will present at the exhibition with the theme of "Yao", and the main products are Dpro Series, Victo Series and Poster Series three new products. Among them, Dpro Series and Victo Series are the latest "dazzling" products of Lianhe Huiye.

The two products exhibited this time are unique. D-MAX 55-inch independent display unit, 55-inch standard commercial display size, is a perfect replacement for LCD liquid crystal display unit. Ultra-thin screen thickness, only 55mm. LED mirror screen, light and thin screen body, flexible installation methods, zero system settings, simple and convenient operation.

United Huiye will present a variety of new high-end LED screen products and will create a set of the most professional LED screen system. Exhibits include: VH1.4+VL1.6 high-definition LED high-definition video wall, LTV129 smart cloud TV, RA2 high-end rental screen , FL3Ⅱ+ FL4T commercial retail series LED screen. Net series LED screen is a major new product launched by Lianhe Huiye for the rental market. The accessories can be plugged and unplugged separately, which can realize fast maintenance; the box can be repaired with a single button when the power is turned off, which will not affect the normal operation of other boxes; Automatic seam repair.

United Huiye will bring the latest and most competitive products to present an audio-visual feast for the professional audience. The Leopard high-definition screen series before maintenance, rental LED screens of the independent plug-in network series, window screens, and stadium screens will be displayed. P1.667 is a high-end product in Lianhe Huiye's indoor high-definition high-definition LED screen series.

High-definition video image display effect; seamless splicing; quick installation, light weight, high precision; high contrast, high uniformity of brightness and color; ultra-quiet design. Shenzhen United Huiye, a high-definition LED screen manufacturer, mid-to-high-end LED screen engineering service provider and manufacturer, independently developed and produced indoor p2.976 and p1.667, and outdoor p3.8 advertising screens appeared at the ISE exhibition in the Netherlands. At this exhibition, Lianhe Huiye’s products include the Magic Supreme MG7 P4.8, which can be used indoors and outdoors, the indoor hot-selling boutique Magic Stage MG6 P3.9, and the creative special-shaped screen family that is built into various novel shapes at right angles. screen (MG11), triangle screen (MG12), sector screen (MG13).

The products cover conventional large screens, floor tile screens, stadium screens, or creative screens (step screens and polygonal screens built from right-angle screens; diamond screens built from triangular screens; circular screens and arc-angle screens built from fan-shaped screens ). Our company exhibited P1.9 high-definition 55-inch high-definition TV, P8 outdoor front maintenance full waterproof aluminum kit module, interactive floor tile screen, P4.81 die-casting aluminum rental screen, and P4 indoor cylindrical screen. Lianhe Huiye will present the latest outdoor fixed screen, rental Ruishang series and high-definition series products at the ISE exhibition.

Among them, the RS series products adopt a modular design. The box body is composed of three modules: the box body component, the power box component and the module. Installation and maintenance. Each LED module is equipped with an integrated independent main control chip, which can automatically read and record the working data of the module, which can be consistent with the data of the newly replaced LED module, and can feedback and monitor the working status of each LED module in real time. At the same time, this series of LED screen products can display nearly perfect grayscale under low brightness, with rich layering and color saturation, providing customers with the most perfect display effect.


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