LED screen technology upgrades to compete with low-end manufacturing


LED screen technology upgrades to compete with low-end manufacturing. In recent years, the competition situation of LED screens has been intensified and has covered the entire field, including product high-definition display, packaging, installation, after-sales and other fields. The only thing LED screen manufacturers can do is to The product is a fuss. Optimizing the LED screen structure, photoelectric indicators, and energy-saving indicators is one of the competitive advantages that can be tapped. The recently popular energy-saving solution is a typical example of LED screen technology innovation. Chinese LED screen manufacturers have been deeply plowing and developing for decades, and have experienced a glorious period of "glory and prosperity". Chinese companies have also made significant achievements in the quality, technology and innovation of LED screens.

But as far as the current situation is concerned, China's LED industry is facing a situation where dangers and opportunities coexist. Intensified competition, declining profits, and frequent overcapacity have become the common characteristics of LED screen manufacturers. Only through the development of "green manufacturing" production methods can LED screen manufacturers improve the utilization rate of resources and energy, reduce environmental pollution, and reduce the impact on Human health and social hazards, and coordinate and optimize the economic and social benefits of the enterprise itself.

The concept of "energy saving and emission reduction" has a long history and has always been one of the important assessment criteria in my country's sustainable development strategy, that is, saving energy and reducing energy consumption. LED screen manufacturers are one of the important components of the manufacturing industry, and "green manufacturing" has increasingly become a topic of concern for LED screen manufacturers. In the "Made in China 2025" launched by the State Council, it is not difficult to find that the concept of green development is also one of the core contents of its guiding ideology.

In order to take the express train of "energy saving and environmental protection", all major LED screen manufacturers have launched energy-saving and environmental protection LED screen series products to adapt to the ever-changing market changes. Optimizing "energy saving" within enterprises is also a top priority. LED screen manufacturers should also follow the concept of circular economy, speed up the ecological transformation of production workshops, promote the construction of ecological production workshops and industrial parks, build a cross-industry ecological chain, and promote the recycling of waste between industries. It is also necessary to promote clean production in the production workshop of the enterprise in a timely manner, reduce the generation of waste from the source, realize the transformation from end-to-end treatment to pollution prevention and production process control, and promote energy consumption, industrial solid waste, and packaging waste in the production workshop of LED screen manufacturers. The reduction and utilization of resources, the control and reduction of pollutant emissions, and the overall improvement of resource utilization efficiency.

And around the efficient recycling of resources, actively carry out research on key technologies such as alternative technologies, reduction technologies, reuse technologies, recycling technologies, and system technologies, so as to break through the technical bottlenecks that restrict the development of circular economy. In response to the call of "energy saving and emission reduction", LED screen manufacturers should not only start with "hardware" such as product quality and technology research and development, but also strengthen "software" issues such as the methods and methods of business management. Strengthen the energy-saving and emission-reduction management system of the production workshop of the enterprise, and specialize the division of labor to improve production efficiency.

Moreover, adhere to the road of new industrialization and promote the upgrading of the traditional LED screen industry. Increase the proportion of core technology industries in LED screen manufacturing. It should also actively implement the strategy of "vacating cages and changing birds", speed up the elimination of backward production capacity, technology, technology and equipment, and further optimize the production structure.

The "light pollution" situation is severe. While improving the city's image in line with the inevitable market demand, the strong light of the LED screen will inevitably have a negative impact on the night life of urban residents. Especially in recent years, citizens' general awareness of environmental protection has increased, and the problem of "light pollution" caused by LED screens has also attracted much attention, and complaints have occurred from time to time across the country. Therefore, it is necessary to grasp the brightness setting to ensure that the existence of the LED screen is the finishing touch to the urban lighting project, so as not to cause harm to the "urban environment".

LED screen manufacturers want to truly achieve "energy saving and emission reduction", of course they can't just rely on innovation and transformation of technology and appearance, but also listen to the voice of the city. With the continuous improvement of outdoor LED screen technology, the brightness of LED screens has also been greatly improved, and some are even several times the brightness of sunlight. According to professionals, under strong light, if the installation position of the LED screen is too low, it will easily cause damage to the cornea and iris when the naked eye looks directly at it, causing visual fatigue and vision loss, and even seriously affecting the human body. The central nervous system of the brain makes people feel dizzy, and other adverse physical phenomena.

Energy saving and emission reduction is imperative, and technological upgrading is the key. Many LED screen manufacturers in the industry have been involved in the R&D and production process of energy saving and emission reduction. In recent years, outdoor media has maintained a rapid growth trend. Among them, LED screens, which are favored by outdoor media, are growing at a rate of more than 25% every year, becoming the main force of outdoor advertising. Especially in first-tier cities, outdoor LED screens have become the new darling of advertisers. In the commercial centers of cities, outdoor LED screens can be seen everywhere.

In view of the fact that the luminous material of the LED screen itself is energy-saving and natural, but in the actual application process, the display area is usually large, and the power consumption of long-term operation and high-brightness playback cannot be underestimated. In the application of outdoor advertising, in addition to bearing the costs related to the LED screen itself, the advertising owner will also have a geometric increase in electricity costs as the equipment is used. Therefore, only the improvement of the technical level can solve the problem of greater energy saving of the product from the root.

In addition, the emergence of LED transparent screens has opened up a new way for a new application of LED screen applications. There are multiple markets ranging from architectural glass curtain walls to commercial retail windows, and it has become a new field of new media development. The innovation of the light bar screen is a small innovation based on the LED transparent screen. It has made targeted improvements to the entire manufacturing process, lamp bead packaging, and control system. In addition, the hollow design structure of the LED transparent screen, It also relatively reduces the blockage of structural components to the line of sight, not only improves the perspective effect, but also has a novel and unique display effect. The audience stands at an ideal distance to watch, and the picture seems to be suspended above the glass curtain wall.


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