Macro LED electronic screen driver chip has become a new growth point


Micro-pitch LED electronic screen driver chips have become a new growth point. With the development of small-pitch LED electronic screens becoming more and more mature, macro-pitch LED electronic screens will enter the market in the next three years. Judging from the sales performance in the first half of this year, macro-pitch LED electronic screens The market share created by LED electronic screens has grown rapidly at a rate of 37%, becoming a bright spot in the LED electronic screen industry. Under the promotion of global manufacturers in 2017, P1.25~P2.5 has become the mainstream of market sales. As the pitch of small pitch continues to shrink, the mainstream of the market will be below P1.0 in 2018-2019, and will soon enter Micro LED led electronic screen field. Accumulate has cultivated Micro LED led electronic screen driver IC for two years of experience, and will continue to work with upstream and downstream to successfully solve the yield rate of mass production in the future, and will be able to reach the product specification of Pitch 0.75-0.625.

Accumulated small-pitch LED electronic screen chips have contributed 30% of revenue. In response to the market trend of Micro LED display in the future, in addition to high integration and early detection of failure, it is necessary to improve the low power consumption function of the product to achieve power saving effect. I believe it will continue to deliver A beautiful sales report card. On July 19, 2017, the Langham Hotel in the East China Sea held an international seminar on LED electronic screens. At the meeting, various LED electronic screens and LED manufacturers were invited to participate in the grand event. It has been held for 12 years, and it has become a year in the LED electronic display industry. Once a major technical seminar. Yang Lichang, chairman of Macroblock, said that the development of LED electronic screens has shown a wider range of functions and applications, such as applications in retail shopping malls, movie theaters, immersive augmented reality animation restaurants, or interactive LED electronic screens.

Chairman Yang Lichang mentioned that in the future, LED electronic screens will be seen in movie theaters, wedding banquet venues, and department stores. The market potential growth is limitless. Accumulation provides customers with different development opportunities and grows together with customers. At the same time, the combination of small-pitch LED electronic screen, intelligent control and interactive virtual reality provides immersive effects. From the perspective of the development of the LED electronic screen industry, the LED electronic screen industry has faced substantial industrial changes and market demand in the past 10 years. With the active promotion of small-pitch LED electronic screens by Chinese manufacturers, the problems caused by cost and electricity bills have not been affected. International manufacturers favor it, but after less than five years of market development, it proves that the speed and footsteps of Chinese LED electronic screen manufacturers have driven the outstanding growth of the market demand for small-pitch LED electronic screens.

There are seven major challenges in small-pitch LED electronic screens, including: ghosting, dark lines in the first row, low gray unevenness, low gray cast, gradient dark lines, and LED dead pixel cross phenomenon. The small-pitch LED electronic screen chip products launched by Macroblock , to solve the pain points of LED electronic screen manufacturers. P1.0 ultra-fine pitch is quite a severe challenge for driver ICs. Macroblock’s driver IC adopts a highly integrated solution, high gray scale control performance, high refresh rate, early detection of LED failure, and improved reliability of LED electronic screens. Streamlined to meet the needs of ultra-high pixel density LED electronic screens. Small-pitch LED electronic screens currently have a lot of room for growth in the retail industry. Today, the main display is still LCD. Although the cost has advantages, small-pitch LED electronic screens have quite a lot of advantages, including seamless, light and thin, With high brightness and wide color gamut, the original LED electronic screen industry was used in outdoor LED electronic screens, and the outdoor LED electronic screens were moved to indoor LED electronic screens in the first three or four years.


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