Macro LED electronic screen will completely replace splicing screen


With the continuous publicity of major manufacturers last year, LED electronic screens will gradually replace splicing screens and become a new choice for video conferencing, traffic monitoring, data display and other industries. The sales volume of macro LED electronic screens ranked fourth last year Quarterly sales rose significantly. In the just-concluded China Jinan International Security Expo Conference, the joint Huiye business representatives conducted extensive exchanges with exhibition customers and integrators on application solutions, products, brands and sales support, and introduced in various industries across the country, The application of LED electronic screen splicing and display control system of United Huiye, and the efforts of United Huiye to meet the needs of different industries. In recent years, micro-pitch LED electronic screens have solved technical problems such as "low brightness and high gray", and successfully realized indoor applications, especially in high-end application fields represented by high-end exhibitions and studios. attention.

The reason is not unrelated to the accumulation of micro-pitch LED technology breakthroughs and the improvement of market awareness. On the other hand, due to the high cost performance of micro-pitch LED electronic screens, it is favored by indoor high-end applications. United Huiye has shown its market position in Shandong's public security system. In 2016, the country's total GDP ranked third in Shandong. The United Huiye Shandong Provincial Public Security Bureau project won after many brand competitions. Public security information resources are complex, changeable, and scattered. Information applications are becoming more and more complex, which brings challenges to the real-time collection, transmission, control and other processing of various videos and data. To meet the high standard requirements of the Shandong Provincial Public Security Bureau, it is necessary to have a deep understanding of industry needs and have corresponding ability to achieve. Beijing International Audiovisual Integrated Equipment and Technology Exhibition, held at the Beijing National Convention Center from April 12th to 14th, 2017, United Huiye will bring P0.9/1.2/1.4 micro-pitch black pearl LED electronic screen, P1.6 micro Pitch Heijingwang LED electronic screen, P1.8 small pitch Helix LED electronic screen and network distributed control system products were unveiled. The booth number is PC6-01.

So how does United Huiye meet Shandong's need to be at the forefront of the national public security system? During the construction of the project, Lianhe Huiye gained the understanding of customers, combined technology, products and services with the operating characteristics of the command center, control center, and dispatching center, and further enhanced the application value of Lianhe Huiye's LED electronic screen display system . In the public security system, the Puyang Public Security Bureau of Henan Province and the Rizhao Public Security Traffic Police of Shandong Province have successively adopted the micro-pitch LED display products of Lianhuiye. Liu Jianfei, Director of United Huiye Shandong Branch, explained: "Micro-pitch LED is the current and future trend of display technology. The quality of Lianhuiye's products is reliable, especially the ultra-clear display effect of the micro-pitch black pearl series display, which has "seamless splicing" , low brightness, high gray, high contrast" and other characteristics.

Lianhe Huiye Public Security Application System is not only the splicing wall we see, but also a visual command and dispatch platform based on video surveillance, GPS positioning, information support, command plan, and police situation analysis. Effectively integrated to help decision-makers in police force distribution, deployment, dynamic full control, scientific deployment of resources, and the fastest response to emergencies. ""Lianhe Huiye can do more in the national political, legal and judicial field." Looking forward to the market prospect, Lu Xingke, deputy general manager of Lianhe Huiye, said: "Shandong Province's political, legal and judicial fields have widely adopted Lianhuihui's micro pitch LED electronic screen, we will further improve the application and solution of high-end display screen and display control system”, he introduced the new progress of United Huiye in this industry, in 2016, the office hall, training center and The conference center, etc., a total of 5 screens adopt the products and technologies of Lianhe Huiye. It is a high-end application in the field of politics, law and justice.

In recent years, political and legal agencies have actively promoted the construction of law enforcement and judicial informatization, and continuously improved the quality and efficiency of combating crimes and serving the people. It has become a trend for political and legal agencies to rely on information-based law enforcement and justice. Shandong will increase investment in the field of political, legal and judicial affairs in the next five years Intensity... This brings new business opportunities to LED electronic screen splicing and display control companies. In view of the changes in the Shandong market, Lianhe Huiye has intensively cultivated the market, and has become the industry's most complete provider of LED electronic screen display solutions. A lot of work. Lianhuiye dominates the market with micro-pitch and small-pitch LED electronic screens. Lianhuiye is an industry-leading provider of overall solutions for indoor large-screen display and splicing control, and is also the definer of fine-pitch LED display and control systems.

Since its establishment more than ten years ago, Lianhe Huiye has been focusing on the R&D, production and sales of indoor display units and splicing control products. Create excellent video display and transmission solutions for high-end indoor displays in industries such as smart cities and smart cities. Based on the continuous development and progress of the information construction needs of customers in various industries, Lianhuiye has continuously innovated in product development and design, and formulated more appropriate display and control solutions for different industries, winning the support and trust of customers. Join hands with Zhuohua, win-win vision! In order to better serve industry users, United Huiye sincerely recruits provincial-level agents, especially in the three eastern provinces, northwest, and eastern China. With excellent market background and comprehensive market support, customers from all walks of life are welcome to visit and discuss cooperation models. Let's promote industry norms and innovation, and create a new blueprint for micro-pitch LEDs! Public security, traffic police and other units have a strong demand for LED electronic screen display and control equipment. The quality and high-definition performance of Lianhuiye products have also been recognized by government emergency command, intelligent command and control, public security traffic police command, general meeting decision-making, energy dispatching center, military armed police Command and other customer support.

It is noteworthy that with the acceleration of my country's urbanization process, the demand for LED electronic screen splicing and display control in many industries has blown out. Data shows that by 2020, my country's urbanization coverage rate will reach about 60%, which will involve new projects in multiple fields such as security, transportation, exhibition, stage, etc., with considerable potential. Relying on the accumulation of ten years of experience in LED electronic screen splicing, Lianhe Huiye has always stood at the forefront of the industry's wind direction, based on quality, driven by technological innovation, and with the highest ideal of serving customers.


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