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Outdoor LED advertising screens have already accounted for half of outdoor advertising, replacing countless advertising signs with their unique display effects. At present, 85% of newly installed outdoor advertisements will choose LED advertising screens, which shows that the market has a bright future. There are many ways to install LED advertising screens, such as wall-mounted installation, anti-aircraft gun column installation, hoisting, mosaic installation, etc. All occasions are suitable for the living space of LED advertising screens. A few days ago, an advertising market research institution revealed that by 2018, the scale of China's outdoor LED advertising screen advertising market will exceed 2.7 billion yuan, and the rapid expansion of LED outdoor advertising will further squeeze the living space of flat outdoor advertising.

Due to its strong impact and interactive features, LED outdoor screens have seen double-digit growth in market share in outdoor advertising in recent years. In 2014, China's LED outdoor electronic display advertising market reached 1.215 billion yuan, an increase of 35.5% over the previous year. In 2014, the total amount of outdoor advertising in China reached 51.5 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 14%, far lower than the growth of LED outdoor advertising.

Industry insiders predict that the LED outdoor advertising market is expected to reach 1.55 billion yuan in 2018, a year-on-year increase of 27.6%. 1. Reasons and characteristics of the project In recent years, as the government has comprehensively increased investment in municipal construction such as culture, public welfare undertakings, and urban lighting, outdoor advertising has also entered a new stage of development. People's requirements for outdoor advertising media It is also getting higher and higher, and the form of outdoor advertising has developed from a single textual print advertisement in the past to a multi-functional three-dimensional animation advertisement with a combination of graphics, text and sound effects. Traditional street signs, light boxes, single columns, neon lights and other outdoor advertising media with a single form of expression can no longer meet the needs of the audience.

Competition in the outdoor advertising market will be a contest of brand value, customer management and professional quality, and the emergence of full-color LED large-screen advertising is just in line with this modern form of advertising communication, and can make full use of existing outdoor billboards Publish more advertising information on the forum. Large-scale LED screens are the perfect combination of technology and media, which can give full play to this concept and become the development trend of outdoor advertising media in the future. 2. LED principle and advertising characteristics Full-color LED billboard is a new type of information display media that has developed rapidly in the world in recent years. It uses a large-area screen composed of dot matrix modules or pixel units composed of light-emitting diodes, combined with microelectronic , optics, computer, information processing and many other modern high-tech, with a series of advantages such as strong environmental adaptability, high energy saving, long life, changeable, environmentally friendly, high-tech and so on.

The full-color LED advertising screen not only has high brightness, high contrast, and bright colors, but also can display dynamic images and text. It actively emits light and has high resolution at long distances. Even if it is 100 meters away, the visual effect is the same as watching TV at home. It has been widely used in public places and traffic arteries with a lot of traffic. 3. The advantages of full-color LED advertising screens and the role of public welfare have entered the 21st century. With the development of science and the advent of the information age, advertising media is also undergoing great changes. Although the publishing industry still occupies a leading position in the advertising market, The rise of the Internet has added new vitality to the advertising media, but the traditional outdoor advertising still plays its role due to its high coverage, many viewing opportunities, long timeliness, and large outdoor advertising with great visual impact. Huge effect. The outdoor large-scale electronic media "full-color LED advertising screen" combines the strengths of various advertising media and is favored by customers.

The full-color LED advertising screen billboard has the characteristics of beautiful colors, pictures, texts and sound effects, fast information transmission, and many dissemination contents. In addition to broadcasting some commercial advertisements, it can also transmit various public information and public service advertisements for free. Such as traffic information, weather, air index, etc., which enrich people's cultural and entertainment life, are the favorite information dissemination media of the audience, and have huge social benefits. The establishment of LED advertising screens represents the prosperity of a city's outdoor advertising, and adds a beautiful landscape to the city's lighting construction. Fourth, outdoor LED advertising screen advertising market forecast According to experts' forecasts, in the next few years, the global demand for various LED advertising screens will reach billions of dollars every year, and it is still increasing year by year.

In China, according to statistics from the LED Advertising Screen Branch of the National Optics and Optoelectronics Industry Association, the sales of LED advertising screens in the industry last year were about 4 billion yuan. Under the influence of various favorable factors such as the eyeball economy and the country's emphasis on environmental protection issues, the market for LED advertising screens in many fields such as sports, outdoor advertising, and transportation will increase significantly. Experts predict that the growth rate of demand for LED full-color screens in the domestic market will be as high as 30%. Five, LED advertising screen advertising market demand With the deepening of my country's market economy, whether it is a manufacturing industry or a retailer, advertisers are continuing to increase advertising costs to promote their products and shape their corporate image. The rapid development of the secondary industry is even more It has brought new vitality into the advertising market. Banking, finance, construction, insurance, and communication industries are also actively using advertising to establish their image to meet the challenges of the market. Public service advertisements, government advertisements, and educational advertisements are also emerging in the advertising market. , All of these provide a broad market space for us to do a good job in LED advertising screen advertising.

6. Capital investment It is estimated that the full-color outdoor LED advertising screen will adopt the P6 model, with an area of ​​200m2 and a budgeted investment of 1.6 million yuan. Let's analyze the cost, operating expenses and revenue ratio of outdoor commercial LED advertising screens. Let's take a United Huiye outdoor P6 full-color LED screen as an example. Assume that the area is 200 square meters and the installation method is wall-mounted. According to the current market price, the price of the United Huiye P6 outdoor full-color LED advertising screen is around 4800-5500.

Calculated at 4,800 yuan/square meter, if the area is 200 square meters, the cost of the screen body is 960,000 yuan. Let's calculate the price of auxiliary materials: 1. Control system: about 26,000 yuan. 2. The total price of materials such as computers, audio amplifiers, power distribution cabinets, air conditioners (3 sets of 4P), and lightning arresters is about 2.65 yuan.

3. Steel frame structure, exterior decoration materials and labor: According to common experience, if the construction drawings are designed by Lianhe Huiye and the materials are purchased locally, we can calculate that the cost is about 1300 yuan per square meter (wall-mounted installation), 200 The square meter is 260,000 yuan. 4. Transportation costs: From Bao'an, Shenzhen to Henan, the cost of a 200-square-meter LED advertising screen is about 6,000 yuan. LED advertising screen cost = 960,000 + 26,000 + 26,500 + 260,000 + 6,000 = 1,278,500 yuan (excluding tax and electricity) Let’s look at the income of the advertising screen again: Suppose the LED advertising screen plays ten commercials a day Commercials, the income of one commercial broadcast in one month is 20 yuan/minute*365 days*12 hours*60 minutes, and the annual advertising revenue is 5.25 million yuan (the above data are approximate estimates, and there are differences in different regions) Let’s talk about electricity bills , A 200-square-meter P10 outdoor LED color screen consumes about 84KW of electricity per hour. If it is used for 12 hours a day, the electricity for a day is 1008 degrees, and the electricity bill is about 1,008 yuan, and the electricity bill for January is about 30,240.

The annual electricity bill is 362,880 yuan. It can be seen that within one year, the customer can pay back the cost. In view of the long life of the LED advertising screen, even if it is used for 8-10 years, the income is quite considerable. .

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