Materials and steps for LED large screen installation


At present, LED large screens are used more and more frequently. Many occasions are suitable for installing LED large screens to set off the atmosphere, spread brand concepts and promote various products. Many engineering companies in various regions have also seen such business opportunities. Shenzhen United Exchange Based on this status quo, Industry Technology shares some of our suggestions for the installation of LED large screens. List of hardware equipment used: LED large screen, signal connection line, power supply connection line, system control card (loaded in the computer), system acceptance card (loaded in the LED large screen), desktop computer (including DVI video output and serial port) , LED large screen and related accessories. The software installation steps are as follows: 1. Graphics card driver installation Insert the graphics card driver CD into the CD-ROM drive, and it will automatically enter the installation state, just follow the prompts.

First install DirectX8.1; then install the driver; finally install the control panel. 2. Playing software Install the special playing and setting software LED studio for large screen, or other control software. Insert the application software CD attached with the screen into the CD drive, copy or install all the programs to the computer.

The hardware installation steps are as follows: 1. Insert the DVI display card into the AGP slot of the motherboard, and install the driver of the card; 2. Insert the data acquisition card into the empty PCI slot (if used); 3. Use DVI Connect the data acquisition card with the display card with the cable; 4. Connect the control line with the serial port (Rs232) (optional, required by Lingxingyu system); 5. Connect the receiving card with the network cable; (the specific number depends on the project Drawings); 6. After checking the connection is correct, you can set up or power on for debugging. ☆Electronic screen operation steps (important) 1. Turn on the screen: Please turn on the computer first, and then turn on the electronic screen. Connect power to each device (ensure that the input voltage meets the product requirements).

Turn on the LED screen (there will be regional flashes when the screen is powered on, indicating that the screen is powered on), turn on the computer, make sure that the graphics card is set correctly (if it is not correct, there will be no display screen, that is, a black screen), open the control software, and perform basic pixel Size and display area settings (this setting does not affect the display of LED large screen images). 2. Turn off the screen: first turn off the power supply of the LED screen, turn off the control software, and then turn off the computer correctly. ☆Precautions 1. Follow the operation steps in the "User Manual".

2. Moisture-proof, the humidity requirements are: at the highest working temperature, the LED large screen should be less than 92% relative humidity. 3. The temperature is appropriate, and the temperature requirements are: working environment temperature: -20℃≤t≤80℃; storage environment temperature: -40℃≤t≤60℃. 4. The power supply must meet the requirements. The power supply voltage of the LED large screen: 220V±10%; Frequency: 50HZ±5%; The safe earth contact is reliable, the ground wire and the neutral wire are isolated reliably, and the power supply is far away from high-power electrical equipment.

☆Found problems 1. Check whether the wiring methods are correct, including the connection of the strong current part (the weak current part has been tested in the manufacturer), whether the signal connection is correct, mainly for whether the input and output directions of the system receiving card are correct, and whether the receiving card is connected correctly. There are directions. Whether the system connection is correct (please refer to the system connection instructions). Whether the computer software has been installed, including the setting of the LED large-screen graphics card (please refer to the graphics card setting instructions) and the installation of control software.


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