Mobile LED advertising screen covers a large area of ​​the city


The mobile LED advertising screen covers a large area of ​​the city, and the mobile LED advertising screen has a wide coverage in the streets and alleys of the city. It occupies a large market share in the field of outdoor LED advertising screens, and the approval is also simpler than the traditional fixed installation LED advertising screens. There are many, there is no security risk, and the number can be many, and the overall approval cost is much lower. The structure of the LED advertising screen is also relatively simple, directly weld the vertical bars on the 2 sides and the back of the car, and lock the screws of the LED advertising screen directly. The mobile LED advertising screen has strong news and immediacy, and the information storage capacity of the LED advertising screen is huge. It can pass daily urban culture, news reports, public information (such as weather information), policies and regulations, cultural education and other information through advertising. The screen is passed on to the public, and its public welfare is particularly prominent. It is the mouthpiece of the government and the window of urban civilization.

The mobile LED advertising screen is easy to operate and diverse in use. The LED advertising screen uses a computer to input information into the screen; it can also input information through remote control; it can also input information in the form of mobile phone text messages. The diversification of its information input brings great convenience to users. Compared with the traditional wired screen, the biggest advantage and difference of led advertising screen is that it can receive, store and display information in the flow, and its setting range is not restricted by region, which can save a lot of expenses for media investors.

For example, in terms of traffic management: advertising screens can be set up at traffic intersections and along highways to provide publicity on road conditions, traffic regulations, and public morals; on mobile, it can provide passengers with arrival information, public information, and advertising, which can be described as"Sit and move, know the world". The bus system is a city"window",Urban"business card"It is a good move to publicize and beautify the city through electronic windows. Recently, many cities have scrolled safety public service advertisements on mobile LED advertising screens.


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