Mobile LED advertising screen market tends to slow down


The mobile LED advertising screen market tends to grow slowly. As we all know, mobile LED advertising screens are a form of advertising that can move around. Shuttle on various roads to increase the audience. Mobile LED advertising screens are usually installed on taxis, buses, and special publicity vehicles. For full-color LED advertising screens, they can also be used as rental screens for outdoor activities, which is flexible and diverse. In recent years, the demand for LED advertising screens has been growing slowly.

As a more innovative media for advertising information, mobile LED advertising screens can store a large amount of text information, control the display of text and fonts through a built-in microprocessor, and realize timing display functions. Communication, completely freed from the shackles of the "line" of traditional advertising screens, has the characteristics of mobile display, so it is highly respected by new media advertisers. Today's commercial advertising operations most value "audience" and "attention". It is such an attention economy that has given birth to mobile LED advertising screens. The mobile LED advertising screen has the novel characteristics of flexibility, mobility, real-time performance, and large capacity. For users who are somewhat "visually fatigued" by the static LED advertising screen, this new method has been favored by users .

Whether it is a bus mobile LED advertising screen or a taxi mobile LED advertising screen, they all have the common characteristics of wide audience and huge market potential. The media will definitely attract the attention of many enterprises, businesses, and advertisers, and various government departments can also use it to publicize public welfare to the public. Market analysis shows that the mobile LED advertising screen has a concentrated audience. Taking the bus mobile LED advertising screen as an example, it can provide passengers with important information on boarding and routes. In addition, the advertising effect is outstanding. The bus in a city is still It is one of the main means of transportation for the public to go out, and millions of passengers take it every day. The number of people it carries is huge, and the ten minutes of "leisure time" on the car is leisurely and boring. If there is a mobile and colorful display screen in front of it to broadcast news, sports entertainment, weather, advertising information, etc. This kind of reading media that is actively "crammed" in front of you can attract the attention of passengers to the greatest extent and achieve good advertising effects.

At the technical level, due to its special application environment, the requirements for mobile LED advertising screen products are much higher than those of traditional outdoor full-color LED advertising screens. They need to be moisture-proof, rain-proof, lightning-proof, sun-proof, dust-proof, and cold-proof. , anti-corrosion, anti-static, anti-jamming, anti-shock, anti-ultraviolet, anti-oxidation, but also have over-current, short-circuit, over-voltage, under-voltage protection and other functions to become a qualified mobile LED advertising screen. .

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